Scott pilgrim vs the world game cheats switch

Scott pilgrim cheats nintendo switch

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Scott Pilgrim xbox 360 Cheats

Trophies Requirements “Chaudown” (Bronze) Unlock and call all the fighters. Armed And Dangerous (Bronze) Defeat at least 200 enemies using interactive objects. Dirty Trick (Bronze) Defeat an enemy by throwing an object at them when they are already on the ground. Get the Girl (Gold) Complete the game once with Scott. Gourmet (Bronze) Eat all the food in the game. Invulnerable (Silver) Play an entire World and face the boss without taking a single hit. New Challenger (Bronze) Defeat Matthew Patel without losing a single life. One Man Army (Silver) Complete the single player mode on Supreme Master difficulty. Shopaholic (Bronze) Buy all the items in a store in a single visit. The Power of Friendship (Bronze) In a multiplayer game, revive another player 25 times. Twin Dragons (Silver) Defeat the Twins simultaneously. Vigilante (Silver) Defeat 1000 enemies.

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Scott pilgrim vs the world game cheats

In the game there are two types of keys: some that can be entered from the start screen and others that must be entered from the game. Here we leave you both lists with the commands that you must press in order and in each of the consoles for which the game is available.

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Are you already enjoying the return of Scott Pilgrim? If you still don’t know this new edition of the classic, don’t hesitate to check out our review of Scott Pilgrim vs The World Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.