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Dingo Board Game – Tutorial video

The first thing that struck me about Quetzalcoatl is the board, that is, the temple on which the game is played. It is unusual to find playing surfaces like this. I, of course, love it and, although it is a prototype, I must say that the illustrations used are very accurate. It may be a drawback for some that being a three-dimensional board you have to be standing up to place your warriors, which may be hidden behind one of the floors of the temple. We ended up doing it during the tests, but I think it is something natural if the board has this format. It’s up to each one, if he likes to stand up or not when it comes to it. Well, what is really possible to do as an alternative is to raise the necessary temple floors to see what is behind them and that’s it. Not everything can be perfect, although for me it’s not a major drawback that will prevent me from playing it.

As I mentioned earlier, Quetzalcoatl offers plenty of player interaction. Each of you will have a hand of six cards on your turn. These cards will allow you to advance squares in the temple and climb floors to reach the top. The interesting part lies in the card abilities and traps. There is a specific ability, that of the jaguar, which allows you to push a player’s warrior, sending him to the floor directly below and, if he has one, losing the egg he is carrying. On the other hand, the eagle’s ability gives you the possibility of dodging the jaguar’s ability, giving you the chance to play it outside your turn as a counterattack. The traps also give a beautiful touch of total annoyance to the games: pits that help in the descent to the foot of the temple having an egg in possession but that hurt during the ascent to get one; springs that propel you up and that help during the ascent to the top but that are a nuisance when trying to descend to the bottom; and Indiana Jones rocks that crush any warrior who crosses their path. A good level of strategy can be appreciated. There are appropriate moments to use each trap and each skill. It is up to you how you manage your hand of six cards during your turn, since you can use as many of them as you want and as the game allows you at that moment.

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The AMONG US game made of cardboard

Nobody likes cheats, and especially not big developers like Ubisoft, who just acquired Gameblocks through its subsidiary to help make cheat detection in online games easier and faster.

“My entire team and I are delighted to join and the Ubisoft family. We will continue to support our existing customers and look forward to enhancing Fairfight’s capabilities so that it remains the most flexible, efficient and transparent cheat detection service in the industry,” said GameBlocks CEO Greg Howard.

From the company they assure that the program has already been tested in different titles such as Battlefield V, Rainbow Six Siege, The Division and Star Wars Battlefront II. That said, in the near future we will see if GameBlocks’ Fairfight has a positive impact on Ubisoft games when it comes to detecting cheaters.

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Top 10 | Greatest unknown PlayStation games (PSX)

For now in prototype form, it is shown at various conferences and events. While awaiting details of its release, its theme and mechanics are already known. Players take on the role of pilots, with the goal of crossing the finish line before their rivals.

The author is once again relying on luck management. Since the circuit will be created throughout the game, players will have to adjust the speed of their vehicles during each round. Going too slowly does not guarantee a good position; running too fast can result in failure.

After placing the pawns on the starting squares of the central board, the five chosen cheat cards are left for all to see. Each participant receives his speedometer card, to be adjusted according to the starting order, and seven cards of his color.

Once the section deck has been created, the game begins. Each round is structured in four phases, to be carried out simultaneously. This mechanics is repeated until three cars reach the finish line, taking the gold, silver and bronze medals, respectively.

A new anti-mosquito trap to fight against malaria

In addition, we are lucky enough to receive a copy from Átomo to raffle it among the people who follow BaM! in the different networks. Below you have all the information. And, don’t miss it, because those of you who go to the Ludo Ergo Sum conference in Madrid, will be able to attend a tournament this Friday 6th at 19:00 of this board game! The winner will win a Solos en Casa.

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And that’s how, when it comes to my hands, I put it on a table and it turns out that around it generates fun, shouts and laughter, it makes me a little happy. Probably its author even more, of course. Alone at home is a game with a board, cards, dice, pets and lots and lots of… “annoyance” among players. Of course, here we don’t talk about tripping. We directly use banana skins and glue. Pets don’t mess around…

On the board, place the door tiles on the “closed” side on the doors of the board with the red line (one on each door, except the one marked “x2”). On the other doors of the board, a door tile is placed on the open side.