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How to win monopoly in 21 seconds

A champion’s foolproof tricks to win at Monopoly25 July 2015Caption, In the final of the UK championship, Natalie Fitzsimons defeated her opponents in half an hour.Hypothesize everything, get yourself locked up in jail and, above all, show no mercy.Those are the recommendations that Natalie Fitzsimons, the UK Monopoly champion, gives you to not lose a single game in the real estate board game. The aim of the game, one of the best-selling in the world, is to make a bargain Monopoly, owning all the real estate properties on the board.To do this, players move their respective tokens in turn around the board, clockwise, according to what the dice mark them.They thus land on properties they can buy from an imaginary bank.Skip You may also be interested in and continue readingYou may also be interested inEnd of You may also be interested in

Rento: board game in lí

With the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 opens a world of new adventures that can be much more entertaining and easier if you use any of the cheat codes that exist in the game. Unlike other Rockstar titles, in Red Dead Redemption 2 we must enter specific phrases to activate all these tricks, and we give them below.

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Remember that if you have the cheats activated you will not be able to get achievements or trophies, so we advise you to save the game to try the cheat, but then reload the normal game.

These are all the cheats and codes for Red Dead Redemption 2, with which you will get certain advantages in your games but with consequences.  Remember that we also have a Red Dead Redemption 2 guide, full of tricks, tips and specific guides that will be of great help in sections such as…

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Parcheesi is a thinking game influenced by chance; it is played with two dice, but you must think about the moves to try to choose the best one. The board has 96 squares and the respective jails (initial place of the pieces) of each player. There are 16 special squares: 12 insurance squares and 4 starting squares. Each player has 4 checkers; however, it is possible to play with less. There are parquet boards for 4, 6, 8 and 12 players, the most common being 4 players. It is a game for 2 players and up. The turn is passed from the right and the goal is to take all the checkers to the end using different strategies, such as sending other players to jail, proposing capture of checkers and distributing the checkers to lock the others between safeties, favoring risk.

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The idea is to advance all the player’s pieces from the starting square to the end, before the opponents do so. To achieve this goal, the player must start by removing all his checkers from the jail and then make all of them go all the way around the board, in a counterclockwise direction, that is, to the right, avoiding that his checkers are returned to the jail by his opponents, until they reach some arrival squares that are exclusive to each player and are located just before the corresponding exit squares. The arrival squares lead to the center of the board which is the final square to which a player must take all his pieces to win a game. The player may not have any checkers in the four squares after the end squares (called arrival) until before his own exit, if the player rolls any checkers with a pair the player will not be able to roll the dice again. There is a variation in which the player can choose to turn or is simply forced to do so if he can eat in those squares. See variations section below.


How to play Phasmophobia?2. How to find a ghost?3. Fulfill the objectives of each contract4. Use and buy tools5. Watch your sanity6. Take a look at the preparation time7. Other tips and aids to keep in mind

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In Phasmophobia, the video game by Kinetic Games, we get into the skin of a parapsychologist who must fulfill contracts by going to mysterious houses and buildings where paranormal activity has been detected.

Danger lurks around every corner and ending up being prey to ghosts is quite likely for novice players. For that reason, if you need help in your endeavors, below we bring you a guide with general tips and help so that you know how to play Phasmophobia and how to successfully complete a contract.ADVERTISEMENT

The premise of Phasmophobia is simple: we are a parapsychologist who performs contracts all over the country, on different maps, gathering evidence of ghostly presence in order to send the ghosts to the other neighborhood so they stop bothering us.