Letter soup game cheats

Magic Trick with Letters – Word Search

The new Apalabrados consists of five rounds with limited time to find the words that are indicated to you. They can be written vertically or horizontally, from right to left, from left to right, from top to bottom or from bottom to top.

The fourth round gets quite complicated because this time you are not given the whole words, only the first two or three letters. You have 50 seconds to find 6 words. If you fail, you get a reward of 25 coins. And if you pass this fourth round, you get 50.

The final round is much more complicated. This time you have 60 seconds, although they offer you the possibility to watch a video and get some more time. You have to find 6 words of which you only get the initial one. Overcoming this fifth round is not easy and the reward is 100 coins. When you finish the game another ad pops up.

I updated the application today and I have not played much, but so far I liked it a lot. The time is represented in a bar that is consuming and it is exciting to see how you are running out of time as you strive to find all the words. While it’s a bit annoying to have to close ads, -two at least, three at most if you agree to watch the video- at the end of the day, Apalabrados is a free app, so the income to keep it running comes from advertising.

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How to make an easy LETTER SOUP

One of the most beautiful tasks that a teacher has, in my point of view, is to give meaning to “some strange signs” called letters. Seeing how they advance through the process full of expectation and being able to rejoice and be proud of their achievements is the best reward. And if, in addition, we manage to instill in them a taste for reading… great! We couldn’t ask for more.

All the characters in the stories are assigned a character whose name begins with the chosen letter (the baker P, the pirate Palo Palote…). When reading, it is difficult for them to separate the character from the phoneme in question. That is why I have created a “Fonemadario”:

Once the relevant introductions are finished, we start with the games. The first ones will be aimed at learning their spelling. Our main objective will be to get the correct stroke and directionality.

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To find them we will have to drag our finger over the screen passing over the letters we want to join. For now, and we assume that forever, the requested words are in English.

Remember that there is a time limit so look for as many as you can before it ends. As a reward we will receive coins as we discover new words. The mechanics is not complicated at all, now it’s up to you to be smart enough to find those hidden words in Pou Words.

Making alphabet puzzles with educaplay

This type of entertainment games are really entertaining and represent a challenge. Such has been their importance that some publications with these creations are part of history thanks to their drawings or photographs and the complicated creations inside. Now, it is time for them to make the leap to the digital world, since times are changing and crossword puzzles have in tablets an ally to avoid falling into the deepest of oblivion.

iQuiz is the application that is an example of how this world of entertainment manages to adapt to the present with more than acceptable results. This program is in Samsung Apps, and fans of crossword puzzles or hieroglyphics have in it a perfect ally to enjoy their “passion” for a long time: if you run out of those that come with the application, you can buy more packs … and all this without leaving home.

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If you choose to play you can select all the contents of the application: crosswords, crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, sudoku, hieroglyphics, logic, questions and answers, etc. The sum of the levels and variants of each available option gives a total of 250 exercises available, which to start with is more than enough to spend a few months playing.