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La Amenaza Fantasma – El Ataque de los Clones – La Venganza de los Sith – La Venganza de los Sith (2) – Una Nueva Esperanza – Una Nueva Esperanza (2) – El Imperio Contraataca – El Retorno del Jedi – El Despertar de la Fuerza – El Despertar de la Fuerza (2) – Los Últimos JediAnakin: Piloto espacial – ¡Salvemos la galaxia! – La misión de Darth Maul – Anakin al rescate – Las crónicas de Yoda – Las crónicas de Vader . Las misiones secretas de Vader – Libera la galaxia – Cuentos de la rebelión – El diccionario visualEl diccionario visual: Actualizado y ampliado – Enciclopedia de personajes – Enciclopedia de personajes: Actualizado y Ampliado – El Lado Oscuro – En la Batalla – En 100 Escenas – Manual Oficial de Entrenamiento de los Stormtrooper . Colección definitiva de cromos: Mighty Minifigures – Pequeñas escenas de una gran galaxia . Colección definitiva de facticidad – Cuentos de droides I-III – Crónicas de la Fuerza – El increíble libro de LEGO Star Wars – El diccionario visual: Actualizado y ampliado

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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga or Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is an action-adventure video game based on Star Wars themed Lego Star Wars toy line by the Lego Group. It is the combination of Lego Star Wars: The Video Game and its sequel Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, covering the first six episodes of the saga.

It was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Nintendo DS consoles in November 2007, for Windows on October 13, 2009,[1] for Macintosh on November 16, 2010,[2] for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) on December 12, 2013 and for Android devices on January 1, 2015.

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The Complete Saga covers the events that take place from the Trade Federation negotiations on Naboo in The Phantom Menace to the Rebel attack on the second Death Star on Endor in Return of the Jedi.

The goal of the game is to successfully complete the story while collecting gold bricks scattered throughout the game. In the Wii, iOS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions there are 160 to collect, 120 of them are for the main levels. There are three for each of the levels. One is for completing the level in story mode, the second is for collecting a set amount of coins to achieve “true Jedi”, and the third is by collecting all 10 “minikits”.

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There are a total of 59 characters in the LEGO Star Wars video game, 56 of which are available in the Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox and PC versions. The other three are Gungan, Tusken Raiders and STAPs, which are characters available in the GameBoy Advance version, although the Gungan and STAPs are only unlockable through cheat codes. There are also some characters that appear in shorts, but it is not possible to use them, such as Boss Nass, Mawhonic, Watto and the Kaminoans.

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All lightsaber users are able to deflect blaster shots aimed at them (as long as they are attacking the shot), and each character has their own style. There are also some of these (with the exception of General Grievous, who lacks Force sensitivity) capable of using the Force to interact with both platforms and non-activated switches.

Because of these differences, the video game is considered non-canon. In addition, there are always at least two playable characters, despite the inaccuracies of the story; this was devised for cooperative gameplay purposes.