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How to win the lucky 8 cue in 8 ball pool

Playing pool in a nice bar while enjoying the evening is an activity that many of us enjoy. But what if I don’t want to or can’t leave the house? That’s what the internet is for! Today we present you one of the most famous billiard games for mobile. We will share with you the best 8 Ball Pool tricks.

You have to keep in mind that, in this game, coins and money are not exactly the same thing. Coins are the resource that allows you to get advantages and rewards to continue advancing, while money refers to cash per se. Of course, with money you can buy coins to help you move forward in the game. In the following images taken directly from the game, you can see the differences:

How to hack 8 ball pool 2020

Billiards has always been one of the most popular games in both the real and virtual world. It attracts players of all ages because it is easy to learn but difficult to master. You can experience this exciting sport on both iOS and Android devices through Kings of Pool. You can choose any of the game modes, including classic 8-ball. Need a little help? Follow these Kings of Pool tips and tricks to become the next pool cracker.

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If you’re confident with your game, you have the option to place a bet. Some multi-player games have a specific buy-in for you to participate. You can also opt to bet more than the buy-in if you’re feeling a little daring. It’s a great way to win more money, so why not give it a try?

Pool billiards

Billiards is a sport of precision, and it shows in every shot. It is not only the intensity and direction of the stroke that counts, but also touching a specific area of the cue ball, as this gives different effects. In the game of 8 Ball Pool we can reproduce these techniques, so it is possible to use the spin of the cue ball.

The title has a particular system to perform one stroke or another. Since we do not have a physical cue to hit, it uses a red dot to place the impact of the ball with the cue. A simple system that allows us to implement this technique for different situations, which we are going to expose.

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To implement this system, we must click on the ball that is located in the upper right corner, with a red dot. The ball will appear in a floating form and much more enlarged to place the point of the stroke in the area we want. We have left, right, upper and lower zones. In addition, we can also use the diagonals of the ball. For this, we are going to exemplify it with real situations of play:

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Killer Pool is a great billiards game available for iPhone and iPod Touch that stands out for its realism. The physics of the balls is really achieved, giving a real feeling of playing real pool. Besides we have a great control in all aspects when hitting the ball can control the direction, strength and the point where we will hit allowing us to print effect.

It has five game modes: 9 Ball, 8 Ball, Black Ball, Killer and OctoKiller. And different levels of difficulty when choosing our opponent, watch out for Killer who is a real crack. Besides being able to play in multiplayer mode, up to ten people.

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I know very few people who do not like to play pool and most of those who say no is more for their lack of skill than for any other reason. So enjoy the integrity of no one is in danger when you go to hit the ball.