How to cheat on imessage games

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One of the new features of iOS 12 is Screen Time, a system to control how much use we give to the phone and limit the maximum time of certain applications. Parents around the world rejoiced at the idea of being able to easily set limits on their children’s iPhone/iPad usage. There’s just one problem: the limits don’t seem to be working very well.

A Reddit thread is collecting the experience of many parents who watch with amazement and some pride as their children have managed to bypass system usage limitations of the most motley sort.

Another parent relates how his son sends YouTube videos to iMessage so he can watch them there without limits, as his parents have restricted browsers and YouTube, but need to keep iMessage without limitations to be able to communicate with his son at all times.

Other tricks are old IT acquaintances, such as changing the system date and time so that iOS thinks it’s a new day and thus resets the usage counter to zero. Or clicking on banners to open the browser and, from there, YouTube.

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The first one is very simple: change the device time. If Time of Use is configured so that at 22:00 all games stop working… then the clock is set back and that’s it. It can’t be avoided, but parents can discover that this option has been touched simply by looking to see if the time on the terminal is correct.

Gradually these restrictions will be fine-tuned through iOS updates, I don’t doubt it. Apple takes the issue of content and restrictions with minors very seriously, so these tricks can be more conveniently prevented in the future.

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Some people constantly delete apps and data to free up space on their iPhones and iPads, while at the same time cursing themselves for buying an 850€ 32GB iPhone and cheating another measly 100€ to get the 128GB model. This guide is for you.

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The manual download is an add-on to another new setup, which automatically downloads unused apps and preserves your data for every time you reinstall them. This setting, seen above, is available in Settings> iTunes and App Store.

I’d still like to see a way to automatically save photos and videos of my iMessages to my Photos app, but I suspect it’s disabled to prevent sexting politicians from having their boner selfies on the familiar Apple TV screensaver.

How to download and play iMessage games on your iPhoneInject a little more fun into your iMessage conversations by following this guide.

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At that point the information was passed to the players, who gained a clear competitive advantage, since if the batter knew the type of pitch the pitcher was going to throw, he had a much better chance of hitting the ball.

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The New York Yankees captured on video the moment when one of the Red Sox coaches looked at his Apple Watch and passed the information to the players who were about to enter the game. This team has sued the Red Sox before the MLB, and in its response the Boston team has accused the Yankees of doing the same thing through the cameras of their video systems inside their stadium.