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Types of tests in an escape roomAuthor: Ignacio PoloThe types of tests that you can find in an escape room are almost infinite. We have made a compilation of all the ones we have come across but we are convinced that there are many more and we would be delighted to receive your contributions through our social media channels. Also if you know tests to create games at home you can share them with us.Brain teasersWithin the brain teasers there are different varieties:PadlocksThey are the quintessential elements of many escape games, especially the most classic ones. It is an almost essential element and that we will find in 99% of the escapes. There are many types of padlocks, here are the ones we have found so far:

Electronic circuitsThey can be given in various forms, such as mounting switches, repairing a radio and connecting it to the correct frequency, programming a robot to do something they can not do.

Combine two grids in one according to the escape room formulas.

In the following link you will find everything you need to complete the free Escape Castle Adventures pirate treasure hunt, which only requires a few minutes of preparation and a printer. If you don’t have a printer, you will have to write the clues by hand.

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There are many ways to create an escape room, but one of the key parts is the locks. At the slightest search on the internet you will surely find many results.  EduEscapeRoom has created an article with several resources to create digital padlocks.

In Escapa en casa they are dedicated to the conception and creation of board games and escape room games to play at home with family or friends. They have games of various themes but yes, all of them are paid.

Detectivity is a website specialized in clue games where participants will have the mission to solve activities to get clues that will lead them to the final trophy. Each game is adapted to the age level and with the possibility of choosing between Spanish, Catalan and English, the games are downloadable and printable after the purchase process (all games are paid). On their website you can find 3 demo games to try. You can see an example of how it works here.

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1. Most rooms – if not all of them – start with a brief presentation by the master. They introduce the story, introduce the room a little bit, and, among other things, they also mark some rules to keep in mind. What can perhaps be overlooked is that in these hints there might be hidden clues or hints that can be of help in the future solving of the puzzles. So we recommend paying attention to the first explanation of the master. Not only to get to know the room better, but also to make sure that a clue does not go unnoticed to help in solving the room.

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2. The puzzles have been created by people not unlike you, the person who is going to play the rooms. It is not uncommon for us to get bogged down in solving one of the puzzles ourselves. In these cases, the best thing to do is to take a breath, take a few seconds, and remember that sometimes the answer is much simpler than we imagine.

To get in you must first get out, don’t get lost.

If you’ve already baked cakes, practiced yoga, watched a streaming concert, done arts and crafts and walked the dog 17 times a day, you’re probably running out of ideas. Well, don’t panic, we bring you 10 very practical tips to set up an escape room at home and spend a fun afternoon with your family.

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As in most escape rooms, you can’t miss elements such as padlocks or locked boxes to hide objects or other enigmas. You can place details or play with objects from your home. Here are some examples:

Yes, the sky is the limit… Or rather, the amount of time you spend on it, think that, in addition to finding the materials and preparing the evidence, you have to incorporate them sequentially to the events and the story.

The tests and the enigmas are the soul of the escape room. Without these tests, the flow theory that explains how to stay engaged for hours with a task and enjoy it is not fulfilled. There must be a balance between the difficulty and entertainment of the game.