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Call of Duty: Warzone is a monetary success for Activision, so the distributor wants the Battle Royale to keep growing. It is thanks to this that in a few weeks this Battle Royale will kick off a new era in which it will premiere name and game engine.

Activision announced that the end of Warzone as we know it will begin on December 30 with a special event. At its end, the new Battle Royale era will begin, which will be reflected with the name change from Call of Duty: Warzone to Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific or simply Warzone Pacific.

With this change will also come integration with Call of Duty: Vanguard. With the debut of Caldera, Warzone Pacific will use the same technology and engine that brings Call of Duty: Vanguard to life. This will also allow for greater connection between the two titles to feel like 2 sides of the same coin.

“Built with the same technology and engine as Call of Duty: Vanguard, this map is visually appealing as it is ready to support the weaponry of this new game and will support fully optimized cross-play, cross-progression and cross-generation compatibility,” explained Activision.


Friday the 13th 3D is an action game in three dimensions in which players will have to control the mythical character of the horror film Jason, whose mission, as in the movies, will be to kill all the clueless young people who cross his path.

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To do this we will have a good arsenal of weapons, among which we will find a shovel, a knife, a machete or even an ax. The best thing is that we can not only attack our victims with these weapons, but we can also activate a ‘rage’ mode in which we can dismember them, getting much bloodier deaths.

On a technical level, Friday the 13th 3D is a pretty poor game, which has a graphics worthy of the first Playstation, and above all with very bad animations. Both our protagonist and the victims have very clumsy movements, although that does not prevent killing them from being rewarding in the long run.

Friday the 13th 3D is an action and horror game in third person in which, contrary to what is usually usual, we are the ‘bad guy’. It will be very difficult to die, while killing our poor victims will usually be very easy.

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Como he visto muchos videos de consejeros/jasones hackeando en todas sus variantes podemos asumir que el EAC fue evadido y se hizo público. Los desarrolladores tienen que mejorar su motor antitrampas o de lo contrario esta comunidad va a estar formada por tramposos.

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Publicado originalmente por Slayer:Publicado originalmente por VAC_MAN:Dont Cry its pay too win Buen punto aunque básicamente todas esas cosas como Savini y el ping bajo son factores de paytowin El ping bajo es pay to win, lol. Tener un ping bajo es normal pero F13 no tiene suficientes regiones de servidores.

Publicado originalmente por Slayer:Publicado originalmente por куƶєє :Low ping is pay to win, lol. Tener un ping bajo es normal pero F13 no tiene suficientes regiones de servidores. 0-30ms es p2win sin embargo ¿Cómo porque tienes buen internet? Jesus

¿Escucharon eso chicos? Deberían permitirnos a todos tener internet de países del tercer mundo o es P2W y no es justo. Madura, consigue un trabajo y consigue mejor internet. O si vives en uno de esos países del tercer mundo, entonces madura, consigue una educación, consigue un trabajo, deja el país de mierda y consigue un mejor internet. Qué chiste.

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For those who have no fucking idea of English and very briefly, basically the patch will be released when they have a bug that affects the gameplay with fixed stops. And for now they are working on it. They don’t want it to happen like in the past of releasing a patch with bugs included.

Well I don’t know, I only knew the one that the second killer has to do/dc or it never ends, if you say it ended in another way, maybe it’s a new glitch or maybe the exploit behaves differently in the new versions.

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Because they stream every week does not mean they are not working on the game, they already said that 1.5 is being delayed by the famous bug that they want to fix before its release and they are resisting.

2nd The 13th does not even the shadow, at the time and said he was going to unseat the beta came out and ate a mojon, the only thing that resembles that game is that there is 1 murderer and there are survivors, the rest is totally different which will not step on each other.