Dinosaur game no internet cheats

Games without internet

That is, this game only appears when we run out of Internet in Chrome and obviously one solution is to disable the connection, but of course, that way we are totally disconnected for everything. Luckily there are several websites that allow us to play the Chrome T-Rex dinosaur mini-game.

However, one of the options that we miss the most in the original Chrome game is that once we have restarted the game, the scores are lost and we can’t see a ranking with respect to the rest of the players. This is solved thanks to T-Rex Runner:

Again we are facing exactly the same game, being able to play with Internet connection, but the difference is that here we find a TOP of the best scores of the players in that week. Yes, I confirm that there are people VERY hooked and the scores are brutal.

The google dinosaur free game

And I say those who have advanced more, because at first the game engages, and quite, for its difficulty, because as you go forward, the speed of the dinosaur is increasing which will force us to calculate more accurately when we start to make the jump to avoid colliding with obstacles.

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However, if we play from the computer, things are much simpler, since we can use Alt to pause the game momentarily. We can also accelerate the speed of descent of the dinosaur by pressing on the date down.

To play on our Android smartphone, the fastest way if we do not want to install any application to do so, is to disable both the data connection and the WiFi connection, enabling airplane mode.

If you want a modernized version, with colors and other animals, Steve – Jumping Dinosaur for iOS is the game you are looking for, a game that is installed in the notification center and that we always have at hand in a much faster way than looking for the application in the springboard.

Jumping Dinosaur Game

The steps mentioned below are tricks for the dinosaur game that allow you to achieve incredible scores by making the dinosaur invincible and letting it run without being pecked by birds or cactus.

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Now, on the game screen, click the mouse or press the space bar on your keyboard to start the game. Your dinosaur should now be able to run through the birds and cacti without dying.

Since you already entered the code to hack the Dinosaur game, every time you hit an object, the command “Runner.prototype.gameOver ()” is called. This code replaces the gameOver function with an empty function.

Chrome dino

So they went ahead and added an endless running game hidden behind this message. And such has been its popularity now that it has now become everyone’s favorite choice when there is a network connectivity problem. To try this game, you just need to press the space bar on the message screen without Internet. The goal is simple: avoid as many cacti and birds as possible.

But that is only one side of the coin. Now there is a solution through which this game could also be hacked. Let’s take a look at all the cheats available. Methods to achieve these cheats are also mentioned.

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While in the game, right click anywhere and select Inspect Item. You can also perform the same action by using the keyboard shortcut keys Cntrl + Shift + I.

This will open the Inspect Item window. Select the Console option to open the console box. Now head to the next section and take a look at the various cheat codes that are available at your disposal.