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Crysis 3 xbox 360 Cheats

When you start in a game you want to progress in a positive way in each of its levels, however, the adventure that you have to live in each of the strategies applied is usually somewhat complex, which can delay your progress, that is why we want to let you know the most incredible Crysis 3 – PS3 Cheats, with which you can progress at a faster pace.

These two alternatives can be your first experiences in this type of challenges, with which you can learn quite personalized strategies, however, it is widely interesting to know more about the Crysis 3 – PS3 Cheats, of which we will continue mentioning some in the following text.

We hope that these tips or alternatives to advance in the game are helping a little in your progress in it, but do not despair that we have more Crysis 3 – PS3 Cheats that you can take advantage of.

Be the best while you enjoy your favorite game, take advantage of each of the Crysis 3 – PS3 Cheats mentioned here to overcome individually or in groups the various existing challenges.

Crysis 3 pc cheats

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Crysis 3 Missions

Here we are, also for Crysis 3, in the usual appointment that leads us to review the curiosities and references of various kinds that developers hide in video games. Ladies and gentlemen, here are all the secrets and Easter eggs of Crysis 3.

Thor’s HammerAt this point I refuse to list all the games in which Thor’s Hammer’s star egg appears, even if Crysis 3 misses the double rainbow (missing? Are we sure?). Found in mission 4, taking the hammer will invade you with electric shocks, throwing it at an enemy soldier will result in instant death. It’s still Thor’s hammer, isn’t it? Watch the video

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How do I surf the crocodile for you? Here we are also in Mission 3. After the dam collapse, approach the large pipe through which the water flows, you will see the option to interact will appear. Do this and a crocodile will appear that you can use as a surfboard if you’re not too animalistic on the inside. Video

How I get high on mushroomsAlso there, mission 3, after the dam collapse. Follow the river and keep left, explore the area to find a gray mushroom with a smiley face. Take it and eat it to embark on a nice “trip”.

Crysis 3 Commandos

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Crytek and EA have just announced the release of the first DLC for ‘Crysis 3’, a pack with four maps, two new game modes and weapons, which will arrive on June 4 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The 14.99 dollars (euros) and 1,200…

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Remember when the original ‘Crysis’ was released? It broke the visual limit of the games of that time. It only saw the light of day on PC and the minimum requirements it asked for were so wild that it became a yardstick. Yes…

Electronic Arts has just finished a conference that has been a bit boring but let’s try to take out the best moments. And it’s clear that one of them goes to ‘Crysis 3’. The third installment of Crytek’s adventure…