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If you have a connection that isn’t very fast, or if you don’t want to be having to download all 60 GB of a game the next time you install it, Steam has a solution for you. The application allows you to make local backups of your installed games, so that you can then use these files to reinstall them instead of having to do the whole download again.

Backing up a game not only allows you to restore it later without any problem. You can also put the files in which it is divided on a drive such as a USB and restore it on any other PC where you have Steam with your personal account. This way, you can take the game you have on one PC to another without having to mess around with downloads.

If you have space problems and/or a computer with a second hard drive where you prefer to have some games, you should know that Steam allows you to move your games to another hard drive without having to uninstall and reinstall them.

When you open Steam, the first thing you will see is the store section. This is its default configuration, although this is something you can change in the application’s settings. It may seem silly, but if the first thing you do when you open Steam is to go to another of its sections, you will save clicks by making this change.

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Truco is a very popular game in South America. It derives from the Valencian truc or truque. The game consists of two different phases. In the first one, you bet on the best combination of cards of the different hands (flor and envido) and in the second one, on the tricks played with those hands (truco).

Add the 30 points, 15 bad the first ones and 15 good the second ones, necessary to win a boy. The game is won when a team gets two boys. If there is a tie in the first two boys, the third and final boy is the good one.

In Truco there are four special cards which are known as bravo cards and are the top cards of the whole deck. The order of these cards, from highest to lowest, is as follows: ace of spades (espadilla), ace of clubs (bastillo), seven of spades and seven of golds (sevens bravos).

For the rest, the order, from highest to lowest, is: threes, deuces, false aces (ace of gold and ace of clubs), black cards (kings, knights and jacks), false sevens (seven of clubs and seven of spades), sixes, fives and fours.

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The goal of this game is simple: you must guess a 5-letter word. But it is not as easy as it seems. In Wordle you only have 6 tries to do it, and if you don’t guess it, you will have to wait until the next day. Why?  Because in this game there is only one word per day to discover, and it is the same for all players. This formula has made the game go viral on social networks, so if you want to show your followers that you are the best at Wordle here we bring you the 10 best tricks to win.

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The first thing you have to consider is that on your second try you must use a word that has different consonants than the word you already used. It is also recommended that you try words that have as many consonants as possible, for example: “clubs” “rugby” “chefs” or any of the many words that have at least three of these types of letters.

One of the most common mistakes that many Wordle players make is to go out of their way to paint the letters green. For example, if in one of your attempts you guessed a letter, but it turned yellow, it means that it is in the word, just not in the correct position. Well, if in your next attempt you only try to guess its correct position and neglect to find the rest of the letters, it is likely that you will lose all your available attempts focusing only on that letter.

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Do you remember the time when “video game” was simply synonymous with a platform where you could only move around on the same screen? Everything was right in front of our eyes, and we couldn’t go beyond the boundaries.

Today that is no longer the case. Today, video games are stories in themselves and we are part of them, we get involved with their characters and bring them to life. Thus, the limits of the screen are no longer restrictive and, having become a more than important element in our lives, video games started to be profitable not only for companies, but also (unfortunately) for cybercriminals.

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But despite the possible risks and threats that target gamers, and the existence of malware in the gamer world, we know that it is possible to enjoy video games by applying good security practices that will keep us protected.

Keyloggers, exploits or malware that could turn your PC into a botnet are just as real in the gaming world as in any other online activity, so you need your security solution to proactively detect any possible risk. And you don’t have to give up the full functionality of your favorite game: products with gamer mode do not cause interruptions or lag problems.