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Fishdom infinite coins

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How to open the fishdom piggy bank

Bombs are similar in functionality to firecrackers, but the obvious difference is that they cover much more ground. You can create bombs by matching five pieces in various ways: it can be in a straight line, in the shape of an L or in the shape of a T. Bombs can also destroy golden tiles, so if you see five pieces of the same type, go match them up so you can find a bomb.

In addition to the bomb and firecracker, there are more power-ups you can try for yourself. Putting six pieces together, for example, gives you dynamite; this would allow you to cover considerably more range than the bomb. When it comes to these larger combos, we suggest you plan things out so that you can have a better chance of throwing power-ups the right way.

Free diamonds fishdom 2020

Fishdom minnow and its devilish puzzles are already one of the most played mobile games on iOS and Android, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that sometimes we can use a little help, and I’m sure these Fishdom cheats will come in handy.

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To perform the trick you simply need to go to your phone’s settings, change the time of the terminal, close the game and re-enter so that the lives are back to full. Remember to return the time to its usual state.

Be careful to do it immediately because it is likely that the lives are negative or that the game realizes the trick, so it is best to wait until you are not going to play for a while to return the clock to its normal time.