Cheat codes for the hardest game ever


The code unlocks a Fortnite mini-game. It’s a plot point in Rompe Ralph. Amazon Alexa will congratulate you if you say it, while Siri will call you a nerd. Hashimoto made a vital contribution to video games, but today, cheat codes are an underappreciated piece of gaming history.

Remember this recent video game meme? For a few days, the quickest way to get a laugh online was to combine an innocuous game with overloaded text about how “You not only cheated the game, you cheated yourself” if the player tried to do anything to make their experience a little easier. Like any meme, this joke didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s mocking a hyperbolic, but sadly sincere, tweet that harasses a journalist for playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice while using cheat codes.

We’re entitled to our own opinions about Sekiro’s difficulty (I think it’s unnecessarily tedious and makes the game worse), but the game started a discussion about difficulty in video games that even FromSoftware’s previous Dark Souls series failed to sustain.

I wanna be the guy

In 1997 Final Fantasy VII was released for PlayStation, becoming one of the best games in history for many.  While we are still waiting for more news about its long awaited remake, which a few days ago we learned that it had a new co-director, it is always a good time to enjoy Cloud’s story.

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As in all ports of the game there are a number of tricks that will make Final Fantasy VII easier, and that can be used both in battle and when we are exploring the different scenarios of the game. We can get the following benefits:

In addition we also have the code to get the Huge Matter in Rocket City, near the end of the game, which has changed in the Switch version (with respect to PSone). The code to get it is B, X, A, A, A. You can check all the tips in the guide we made of the original game to know all the ins and outs of this gem of video games.

Geometry dash

The Konami code (Konami Code, also known as Konami Command or Contra Code) is a cheat that can be used in certain Konami video games, which usually activates some secret option. The code was first used in the 1986 version of Gradius for the NES game console. In the game, the player presses the following sequence of buttons on the controller:

Probably the best known example of the Konami code is in Contra for NES in 1988, where using the cheat increases the player’s lives from 3 to 30. Due to the high difficulty of the game, many players came to rely on the cheat to finish the game, earning the title “the Contra code”.

A new easter egg appears on the official Yandere Simulator page, in the source code a message appears saying “try the Konami code ↑ ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A”. If used on normal pages the background will change, but if used on the “Characters” page, the secret character “Fun Girl” will appear.

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In the song “30 lives (up-up-down-dance-mix)” performed by The Motion Sick, in the middle of the song a visual and sung interpretation of the code can be seen in the background video clip. This may (or may not) be coincidental, as the Dance Dance Dance Revolution dance game saga is created by Konami, so as an “expert” level the player has to enter the steps ↑ ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → in the sequence at the same point where they are sung. Commands that should be B, A, Select, Start, are replaced by jumps.

Konami code for what games it is used

After the vacations we are going to visit a school in Seville to give an introductory workshop to programming with kids from 1st and 6th grade of primary school. The aim of the workshop is that all the kids go home with a video game created by themselves, so that they learn the basics of Scratch and get motivated for the programming classes that their teachers will teach them for the rest of the course. In this post we show you step by step how to program the video game that we will develop during the workshop. Do you want to program yours?

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To start, if you don’t have a user on the Scratch website you should create one, so you can save your games and creations to edit them in the future, share them with the community, receive comments and evaluations, etc. Once you are logged in, click on the Create section of the website to start a new project.

Now we will proceed to write the programs that will control the character’s movements. The first thing that should always be done with a character is to tell it what to do when the game starts running. So we are going to create a program that indicates the position on the screen where the witch should appear when a game starts.