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Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition contains a Super Mario All-Stars disc box set including Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels on a single disc, giving Mario fans four reasons to enjoy these classics on the Wii console.

It tells the story of the fight against the darkness that looms over the lost kingdom, Majin manages to merge action with infiltration; the player gets into the skin of the hero of the game, who must fight alongside the Majin, a monster controlled by the AI, and together overcome all the obstacles and kill all the enemies that will be in their way.

In Dance! you are a young and talented hip-hop street dancer who wants to become the best. You will start in the crappiest places but you will need to improve your dancing skills, the style and the way you dance will determine your career as a professional dancer!

It will immerse players in the world of the hit TV series to play solo – acting as Batman – or with the rest of the family and friends in co-op mode in order to take down the character’s enemies. Fans of the superhero will be able to choose between well-known characters such as Robin, Green Lantern or Blue Beetle. In addition, other heroes such as Aquaman will also appear to help them solve challenges and confront villains.

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If your favorite game has appeared on our pages with a score that you think it didn’t deserve, or if you simply want to give an alternative opinion to our tests, you now have the opportunity to send us your own.

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OH – DOWNLOAD YOUR GAME Once you have selected the game and accepted the price, the download will start and will take between one and two minutes. Now you can play from fu movistar as much as you want and from wherever you want.

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Included in the l°- DVD. the Duel mode will pit you against the four guys of The Boss. Volgin and you can even replay the final chase, with the Shagohod on your heels.


In the United States they must not have seen it as real, so the game adopted the name Pat Riley Basketball, taking advantage of the image of the renowned coach of those Los Angeles Lakers led by the legendary Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar or James Worthy, a sensational team that displayed such a dazzling attack that it ended up being baptized as “showtime” and that even attracted the great Hollywood stars, who populated the front rows of the Angelino pavilion, which in those days was the Inglewood Forum (since then, it is common to see Jack Nicholson sitting next to the players or berating the referee almost in his ear).

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SRB allowed to play basketball games against the machine or a second player, trying to achieve the most “yankee” atmosphere possible, so the red, white and blue colors, as well as the stars, will appear several times throughout the game paying homage to the American flag. The matches could be friendly (exhibition) or be part of a knockout tournament (three games) that faced 8 teams from as many American cities with their corresponding quintets of players (all of them fictitious).