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To exit Standby Mode and unlock the screen of your Nintendo Switch, you have to press a button three times. Usually, when you press the normal buttons like A or B it makes a very particular noise. However, when you press certain other buttons the console makes other funny noises. Not that this is a life-changing trick, but it is a nice Easter egg.

The A, B, X, Y, Home, + and – buttons, the directional buttons, and the L and R buttons make the normal sound when unlocking the screen. However, , the ZL and ZR triggers as well as both sticks make totally different sounds, such as a horn.

Your Nintendo Switch has a button that can be used for both taking screenshots and recording videos. The button is that flat square with the drawing of a circle inside that is at the bottom of the left controller, right next to where the Home button is on the right controller. Depending on how you press it, you will either take a screenshot or record a video.

Dragon ball: revenge of king piccolo

On the MKWRS website, which tracks world records in the Wii game, you can see how Arthur holds the record on that track since January 13, 2021 using Baby Daisy, as well as on the Sorbet Land track.

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Analysis Mario Kart WiiAll Mario gamesAll Mario Kart gamesMario Kart comes to Wii with the same fun as always and including welcome new features. The first, the online game, being able to participate in races of up to twelve simultaneous players, with up to two people per console running split screen and competing against the rest online. Control is also implemented by detecting the movement, also using a steering wheel with the Wii Remote to feel at the controls of a kart. Finally, the karts are joined this time by motorcycles.


Wii was much more than that accessory, of course. Nintendo did not miss the opportunity to expand its most legendary sagas, to the point of creating timeless works such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, two of the best platform games in history. In this genre, in fact, Donkey Kong Country Returns and New Super Mario Bros. Wii are not to be missed either.

In the case of the two 3D adventures of Mario, they managed to overcome the tremendous role to surpass the historic Super Mario 64 of Nintendo 64, while the other (in 2D) was a continuation of the success of DS. And what about the gorilla? It was the resurgence of the saga after its superb trilogy on Super Nintendo in the nineties.

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And while we’re on the subject of playing with more people, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a 2008 smash hit that introduced us to its universe of virtual beat ’em ups with Sonic and Solid Snake themselves, along with Captain Olimar, among a total cast of 39 characters.

Super smash bros. brawl

It was also shown that the controller for the game is mainly the Wiimote and that in combination with the Wii Wheel accessory it makes for a much more realistic experience for the player. In addition, one of the main features of the game is the addition of an online mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, where the player will be able to compete with up to 12 players at the same time, however, the connection was discontinued in 2014. In addition, many innovations have been added to the game, compared to previous versions of the Mario Kart saga, where the gameplay was practically the same. Now, in Mario Kart Wii, several improvements have been added, for example, being able to choose a Mii as a character, (which is created in the Mii Channel of the Wii console), as well as karts or motorcycles stunts that can be performed in the middle of the game.

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As of December 2019, 37.24 million units of the game have been sold worldwide, making it the second best-selling video game on the Wii console (behind only Wii Sports) and the best-selling Mario game for Wii, as well as the best-selling game in the Mario Kart series and one of the best-selling games in the world.