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Change the lettersDo not hesitate to change the letters when you cannot make any move with the letters you have or you consider that it will be quite complicated. We recommend you to do it, above all, when you have all consonants or vowels and there are not many letters on the board with which you can combine them.

Get rid of the letter QThe ‘Q’ is a letter that to combine it you need at least 3 letters to play it, one of them must be the vowel ‘U’, of which only 5 are distributed. Therefore, it is best to either play it as soon as possible or get rid of it as soon as you can, avoiding keeping it on the stand until the end of the game.

Do not give easy opportunities to your opponentOn many occasions it is better to get a lower score than to give an easy move to your opponent in the game of Apalabrados. In this sense, you should avoid situations such as leaving easy-to-follow words that have special squares nearby or when there are special squares close to a high-scoring letter.

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Scrabble is the name of a commercial board game, produced by Hasbro (in the United States) and Mattel (for the rest of the world), where words are built from tiles with letters to obtain a score.

There are other similar games that have been published by different companies, such as “Intelect”, manufactured by Falomir; “Apalabrados” by Diset, to mention the best known versions.

Scrabble is played on a board of 15×15 squares. Words can be formed horizontally or vertically. A word can be crossed with others to form a new word, as long as all the words are accepted and appear in the standard dictionary, which in our case is the RAE dictionary or another accepted by all players.

There are times when it becomes complicated to form words on the board, especially when a word crosses with others and we do not know if these new words that are formed can be used or are accepted.

The biggest limitation to play this game is the vocabulary. But we don’t need to know hundreds or thousands of rare words, but to have a wide general culture, to know key words, verbs and their conjugations, short words, names of plants, animals, minerals, etc.

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Four pictures one word 7 letters beach

Apalabrados is an on-line word game for two players very similar to Scrabble. The objective of the game is to place all the letters forming words and get more points than your opponent.

The game consists of building words on a board of 15 x 15 squares. Words can be formed horizontally or vertically and can be crossed. The game starts by placing a word that passes through the central square, marked with a star.

Depending on where you place each letter its score can be multiplied by two in Double Letter (DL) or by three in Triple Letter (TL). The points are also multiplied by 2 or 3, if you use the Double Word (DP) and Triple Word (TP) boxes. If you place your 7 letters at once you will earn an extra 40 points.


Solutions. 4 pics 1 word helps you, but doesn’t work miracles. Instead of offering you a specific solution, what it does is to show you all the possible combinations with those letters (even creating nonsense words), so that you can choose the one you think is the most correct. In this way you only have to try until you find the solution.

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This free application is only available for users with Android smartphones, so those who are passionate about 4 Photos 1 Words but use it on iOS will not be able to download it. One solution would be, for example, to have a cell phone with the android operating system next to the iPhone to have Solutions at hand. 4 Photos 1 Word, although perhaps this operation would be a bit ‘geeky’… or not. That will depend on how hooked you are to this popular game.