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Now, with the game having celebrated its fourth anniversary while trying to plug user holes while attracting new ones, the de rigueur daily game has become a tremendously sporadic affair that, at most, is limited to about ten minutes in a whole week. If it comes.

I’ve long since stopped caring about cups, standings and win ratios. In fact, even the vast majority of challenges fall by the wayside because I see no reason to play them seriously and go all the way.

The meta is stagnant for lack of ideas and, although I am aware of how far the challenge rises in higher positions, I see no incentive to get there. Clash Royale has become a pastime.

The idea of the Battle Pass was good, but the lack of particularly interesting gifts for the paid mode and the desert of chests it proposes for the free option are far from catching our attention. A path that has little or nothing to do with the strategy followed by other similar success stories.

Clash Royale Arena 14 Decks

Go to the guide indexAfter analyzing the global strategies, let’s see how they are translated into specific decks. While each player can and should adapt their strategies to the decks and cards they are most comfortable with, here are some of the combinations that professional players prefer to bring to the game. From the fast cycling of the ice spirit and predict, to the beatdown of golem and night witch, passing through the already abandoned bride spam of battering ram and bandit or the always current log-bait of princess, infernal tower, barrel of goblins and goblin gang. We hope you try them and find them useful and, why not, send us your adaptations.

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Variant of the fast cycling of the hoist that incorporates the lightning bolt, a card that will help you to finish in your direct attacks with any structure, witch or wizard that gets in your way. The mini Pekka will be your defensive card to finish off any troop along with the musketeer. The role of the princess is very important because if you get her to survive, she can help you both to defend yourself from hordes and to finish off many annoying troops in the attacks of your forklift. Otherwise, the fire spirits will complement your attack.

Clash Royale Arena 12 Decks

Discover here the decks that we consider to be the best to succeed in Clash Royale games. As you advance in the Arenas and participate in leagues or tournaments, you will want to have the best cards in the game to succeed. In this article we show you 10 different options. With some of them you will have to invest a lot of resources and even money, but there are also some that are ideal for the free to play player!

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As for the other units, it’s a matter of adapting to the situation. To get rid of groups, nothing better than Discharge and Poison. You’d better save the Electric Mage and Magic Archer for the air enemy units (unless the opponent doesn’t have those cards), or you’ll find yourself in a tight spot.

One of the tactics you can follow is to keep the opponent busy with the three goblin cards. Gradually, you set the stage to send the Prince or the Rogues along with the Princess, thus launching a lethal attack. In the double elixir phase, the Rocket will be your best friend to put the icing on the cake in a devastating attack.

Best clash royale 2020 decks

tDarka started playing the game in mid-February. At first he was not very attracted to it because it was a mobile game, but a friend convinced him. Conclusion: He ended up getting hooked, like everyone else. Gradually he became more interested in the game and ended up in his new clan, Muklash, from a tournament in which he participated. He saw that they were much more active there than in his initial clan and since then he has participated in other tournaments (The Pekka Tournament of Gseries, the Performance of TGX or in some tournaments of the ESL Kickoff Red/Blue). He has won some of them, such as the opening tournament of the LVP and of course, the Gamergy Grand Open.

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When asked about his feelings about the Grand Open, he says with a laugh that the final was “too tense”. For him, Clash Royale is more about reactions, individual plays and not about using combos or high cost cards. The final game was 3-2 for tDarka, he lost by a beating in the first round, came back, lost again, came back again and won in the fifth round to secure the big victory. His opponent used a deck revolving around the Noble Giant and Sparky cards, and was a tough competitor. But in the end, tDarka held his own.