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would be to use highly defensive cards, making it difficult for the opponent to land a hit on the tower. Often, slow decks have to worry about an opponent running down the other lane, so it’s important for slow decks to have solid defenses that can stop the run.Rating 2 – ArchetypeMost players reading this will already be aware of the classic 3-deck archetypes that The_RumHam originally defined in his “3 Decks of theMetagame” post on Reddit . Your Deck Archetype depends on the role of the sumzo’s Win Condition and how you use your Win Condition.The 3 main deck archetypes are Siege, Control, and Beatdown.In this guide, we will look at these 3 archetypes in a different light, and talk about the general strengths, weaknesses, and mindsets of each of them.

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The first types of decks I would like to talk about are the decks that are in Green. These are the decks that are decent on both offense and defense. For example, siege decks tend to be weak on offense, but fast decks are strong on offense. By making a fast Siege deck, you have a deck that is good at both defending and going on the offensive, but may struggle when facing another deck that is either more offensive or more defensive. This suits both Medium Beatdown decks and Slow Control decks.

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The famous and mythical Clash of Clans archers are a pair of unarmored ranged attackers that will help you attack both ground and air troops. This card is unlocked in the training field (tutorial).

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The knight can also be unlocked in the training camp, it is a troop that has a big sword and a huge mustache very similar to the barbarians but with a more elegant and more developed fighting style.

This card is unlockable in Arena 2. The minion is a gargoyle with big horns, short wings and big hands with sharp claws covered with dark elixir. Minions should be used behind cards with a lot of life such as the giant, as you won’t be able to do much on your own.

A squad of four barbarians will come out to defend or attack the other enemy buildings.  The barbarians, unlike in Clash of Clans, are one of the most powerful units that we will find in Clash Royale, they finally have the prominence they deserve.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so although it is a preview of what is coming and it is not bad to share it:Do you like these changes, do you think the PEKKA was necessary to nerf it, will we see from now on executioners in all games, give your opinion in the comments.The post Balance changes, September 2019 appeared first on Clash Royale Cards, best decks and new cards.

This will depend on your clan’s league and your best position in a clan war of the season.Achieve a better position or move up the league to win a bigger chest.If you’ve read this far, that’s you have potential.Make your clan proud!See you in the arena, The Clash Royale TeamBest strategies for playing clan warIt’s too early to tell how best to play clan wars, but no doubt many players are coming up with new ideas. For now we can recommend you to create a thread in our forum for your own clan and recruit people, discuss better strategies and get updated data on who is most active in the clan wars. do you have other ideas about strategies for this new update? Share them with us in the comments or in the forum, see you in the next clan wars! The post Clash Royale clan wars: how to play appeared first on Clash Royale cards, best decks and new cards.

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