How to link clash royale accounts

How to connect your clash royale account to another device

Once inside the Settings, click on Link Device. Then a pop-up window will appear in which you have to click on This is the old device, just before seeing another similar one in which you must indicate to which operating system you want to synchronize the Clash Royale account.

When you see on the screen the code in question, turn on the iPhone or Android with which you want to link the Clash Royale account. Go back into Settings, Link Device and select this time This is the new device.

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How to link clash royale account with facebook

The synchronization of Clash Royale with Play Games is an important advance for a game in which it takes hours to reach the top arenas and leagues. That is why it is desperate to encounter errors when linking the device. Don’t worry, everything has a solution.

Panic begins to take hold of you. You have to change your mobile or tablet and you are already in Arena 11. You have a very good war deck and a lot of gems, but you are not able to link your Clash Royale device to be able to continue your game without losing your progress along the way.

How to link two clash royale accounts

Before letting you know each and every one of the steps to take to be able to restore your Clash Royale account and with this, recover all your progress; it is extremely opportune to tell you when it is possible to rescue this account in a simple way.

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Otherwise, you will have to do this by contacting SuperCell support, which is the developer of the game. This is a much more tedious procedure to carry out and, of course, it will require more time to recover your video game account, since you will have to provide several data and confidential information, as well as waiting for SuperCell to give you an answer.

How to move a clash royale account to another device 2020

When you create a Supercell ID for all your accounts, remember to check the “Remember me on this device” box to make it much easier for you to switch between your different accounts. This way, you won’t have to type the confirmation code every time you log in.

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Remember that if you uninstall the app on an Android device, your Supercell IDs will be deleted. On iOS, these will only be deleted if you restore the device’s system. In this case, repeat the above steps again.