How to get clash royale account back

How to recover a clash royale account with facebook

How to recover a Clash Royale account: Steps to follow and features of Clash Royale, this amazing and popular video game platform, every day facilitates its use to its thousands of players in the world.

It is possible that on some occasion, we have to live the unpleasant event of not being able to access our fun on the platform. That is why we invite you to continue reading and learn about the methods to recover our account, how to contact Supercell and much more information on this topic.

When our Clash Royale account lacks the previously exposed condition, we must contact the SuperCell support center. This company is responsible for the development of the game.

Even when they give us a quality service, the procedure is much longer and somewhat tedious to perform, plus we must devote more time to achieve the recovery of our valuable video game account. We must provide them with several personal data and confidential information, and after completing this initial step, we must be patient while we wait for SuperCell to respond to our request.

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How to recover my clash royale account 2020

Clash Royale is available worldwide and has millions of players. Now, many users have lost their Clash Royale accounts when upgrading, migrating or changing mobile because they have not synchronized the game correctly.

Supercell will contact you in a short time (in my case they have taken a day to do so) and try to give you a solution. Of course Supercell will do everything possible to recover the account but be careful, never delete your game or delete the application if you are not sure you have the Clash Royale account properly saved or you will lose it and in some cases, if you do not remember the data well, you will most likely lose the game too.

Recover clash royale google play account

Sometimes we even hit the wrong button and you may hold your hands to your head thinking that you have lost absolutely all of your progress, but that is not the case. So if you’re wondering how to recover your Clash Royale account don’t worry because that’s the main topic we’re going to cover. We don’t want anyone to be left without their account and crowns. That here we have all played and we know how much effort it takes to have a good setup to compete and climb the ladder.

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Don’t worry because luckily it is very easy to recover everything you had in your account and the account itself and even more if it is by accident. The people at Supercell, the developers, have taken into account all these unforeseen events that may arise and therefore there are good methods that we are going to tell you below and that you can do in a matter of minutes. So, here we go, there will be eager to play Clash Royale again, right?

To begin with, go to the settings section on the video game screen. Now select the Help and Support option. Within it you will find the settings on the game screen itself, there to locate you will have all your account trophies. Now within settings you will have to take a look at the bottom and you will again find help and assistance.

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Search clash royale account by name

Clash Royale’s synchronization with Play Games is a major breakthrough for a game where it takes hours to reach the top arenas and leagues. That’s why it’s desperate to encounter errors when linking the device. Don’t worry, everything has a solution.

Panic begins to take hold of you. You have to change your mobile or tablet and you are already in Arena 11. You have a very good war deck and a lot of gems, but you are not able to link your Clash Royale device to be able to continue your game without losing your progress along the way.