How to get champions in clash royale

Clash Royale – ANTRAX

The Clash Royale environment undergoes one of the most important earthquakes in its history with the introduction of champions with skills, a game changing complete with an extra sophistication, the free trials before obtaining the characters.

The Clash Royale update with the champions and the rise to level 14 is one of the most important points since the launch of the game back in March 2016 not only for the appearance of the champions, but for the complete renewal.

The appearance of the Archer Queen, the Skeleton King and the Golden Knight is a turning point for the gameplay, but so is the opportunity to be able to play with them before getting them in the chests.

This opportunity stems not only from special events like the current one where you can make a deck with the Skeleton King until you get all five wins, but also from the change of rules in the special challenges.

From now on the rules of the challenges change completely and you can compete with level 11 cards instead of level 9, but the most surprising twist is that you can use all the cards that you have not obtained so far.

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You will be given the XP you have earned by upgrading and donating cards due to these changes. For example, if you have a level 11 King with 35 000 XP, your King level will automatically upgrade to level 12 with the release of the update.

Starpoints are now unlocked at King level 6! You start accumulating star points as soon as you start your Clash Royal journey with your King level 1, but you will have to reach level 6 to be able to spend them. You will get star points for upgrading and donating cards, as well as upgrading cards to their maximum level.

NOTE: All players will receive 25,000 star points when they reach King level 6, and all players who are already above that level will receive all the star points they are entitled to!

For example, if your King is level 13, you will receive approximately 190,000 star points! You can check how many star points you have by clicking on the experience bar, and you can preview the star level of each card on its information screen.

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The Halloween hurricane leaves a few hours later a long-awaited revolution in Clash Royale with the landing of the Season of champions, the final arrival of the Pass Royale with new features such as a new chest or the gift of one of the three new characters with skills.

The definitive unlocking of the first Battle Pass after the transformation of Clash Royale expands the hopes to hook players in the direction of the arena both for the prizes and to get the first champion.

Although many will have already tested the Skeleton King, the Golden Knight and the Archer Queen in challenges, it is now that they can be unlocked more easily thanks to the Pass Royale ladder, especially since at level 30 comes a surprise.

Supercell includes in the free part of the pass a new chest from which one of the three champions will be unlocked, although for that before each player must have climbed to level 14 of the king’s tower to be able to use it.

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At the beginning of the game you start playing in the training, there you can learn how to use a little bit the cards unlocked in that arena. Once this is finished, you enter arena 1, starting with 0 trophies, from there it is possible to climb trophies to reach higher arenas and the player’s card collection can be further increased.

The chests increase the amount of cards, the secured cards and the probability of legendary card the higher you go up the arena. Also the GOLD that can be obtained increases as the arena is higher.