How to friend someone in clash royale

How to add friends in clash royale 2020

Whatever the reason you play video game, It will always be fun, and there is really no more fun than playing with other people. It is true that we can spend hours playing a single player video game, but when we play with other people, our whole experience with the video game changes a lot.

A perfect example of this is Clash Royale, a real-time strategy game based on using live cards on a board to take down towers. The scene of this game has grown a lot over time, as very loyal competitive environment, where everyone tries to be the best in the game.

If your friend selects the link, they will be automatically added to your friends list, and the same will happen if the person you sent the message to doesn’t have the game, as it will send them directly to the device’s app store to download it. .

How to search players in clash royale 2021

In this article we will show you the steps so you can add your friends and share the pleasant experience of playing Clash Royale. The online strategy game where you can create clans with your acquaintances and thus face your rivals. When it comes to invite your friends you will have to follow a few simple steps. We will show you two ways to do it so keep reading this article.

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Note: If the guest receives the Whatsapp notification and does not have the game installed, he will automatically be redirected to the Play Store App to download the Clash Royale game and be able to join your clan.

The Clash Royale platform only allows you to have a limit of 100 friends, where the requests you sent and have the pending status also add up to the 100 friends range. When you reach this limit, you will no longer receive invitations to games, and the user who sent you the invitation will be shown an error notification.

How to find a friend in clash royale

This challenge is not new in Clash Royale, we could already enjoy in 2020 of Montacarneros Fever 2c2. We will need an ally, which can be a friend or someone random, the peculiarity is that behind the King’s Tower will appear two Montacarneros for each team that will go on one or the other side of the arena at a time.

It is a challenge of only 6 victories; with 3 defeats we will be eliminated but we can get more opportunities with gems or Pass Royale. So, here are two decks for you to play with your friends and win this challenge.

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A deck with a lot of defense, to defend the Montacarneros. The Bombardier Tower will be our main distraction. Electric Wizard, Discharge and Trunk will serve to cut the Montacarneros’ charge. Fireball, Bombardier and Fire Lance will serve to clean up what comes behind. And the Megacaballero will be in charge of falling on the Montacarneros and finish them off to then initiate an attack.

This deck follows the same concept as the previous one but with other cards. The Pekka will serve to kill them very easily as well as the Chispitas, which we will also use for the attack. The Rock Thrower works very well to cut their charge and push them back.

How to add friends in clash royale 2020 without facebook

Clash Royale is a card game in which you can see in real time how the characters in your deck, based on the Clash of Clans universe, face your opponent’s troops, whom you will have to defeat by knocking down their towers with your best attack and defense strategies.     Being a true master is a matter of effort, perseverance and training, but if these are your first steps in Supercell’s game, here are some keys to get started: When you open the app you will find five different sections:        Store Cards Battle (main section) Social (clans) Events.

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You can check the available cards in the cards section of the game. To fight in the battles you have to combine them freely in decks of eight. You can get them in the chests that you will win when you defeat your opponents, after completing quests and challenges, or through daily gifts. You also have the possibility of acquiring cards in the store or through donations from clans, groups of players that you can also join to participate in friendly battles or in clan wars.