How to change your name in clash royale

How to change the name in clash royale 2020

Clash Royale is today one of the most popular games around the world, and it turns out to be a very entertaining game where the player who dominates better strategy and better use the cards with which you can defend your towers and attack those of your enemy will reign.

To become a professional in this game you will have to practice day by day, dedicating hours of the day to play and watch many videos of some Clash Royale youtubers who are usually players with a lot of experience and quality that share different tips or advice for their followers.

Maybe when you created your account you did not think you would last long playing Clash Royale, but the reality is that many users usually end up being regular players of the game, but they have made the mistake of placing a name that may not be their favorite or, on the contrary, they simply want to change the name in Clash Royale.

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To change the name in Clash Royale you must first be level 4 or higher, once you have fulfilled this requirement, you can change your name for free in Clash Royale just by following a series of steps that we will mention below:

How to change the name in clash royale for free

Changing the name in Clash Royale is not something simple. Now, that it is not simple does not mean that it is not possible but you should keep in mind that changing the name is not something you are going to do too many times.

To change the name in Clash Royale you need to be level 4 and then you must keep in mind that you can only change the name once in Clash Royale. Then do not complain that you can not change the name in this game as it is only possible to do it once per account.

To change the name in Clash Royale note that you must go to Settings (the gear at the top right) and then you will see a box that says Change name (Change name) while the application can be used in English.

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To be able to change the name the box must be green as in the image, if the box is gray it means that either you have changed the name once, or you have not yet reached level 4, the level required to change the name. Do you already know how to level up quickly in Clash Royale?

Change name clash royale third time

How to have a golden and colored nameTo have a golden or colored name, you must first purchase the Royale Pass. When you buy this pass, your name will automatically become golden. During the same season, you will have the possibility to change the name to other colors. To do this, you need to use a code when writing your name.

Important note: at the end of the season, your name will no longer be golden and you will no longer be able to change the color of your nickname. To recover this feature, you must buy the Pass Royale of the current season again.

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In case you don’t like your name in Clash Of Clans and want to change it, look no further because we’ll show you how to do it. The reason behind changing your name could be anything: maybe you chose a name you regret, made a typo or simply changed your mind. This quick guide to the mobile game will help you.

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You can change your name in Clash Of Clans after reaching level 5 of the Town Hall which will let you change your name once. This can be done without spending gems but if you want to do it again, then you have to shell out some gems for it. If you are the indecisive type, be careful because the cost of gems increases each time.