Good clash royale decks arena 12

Clash Royale Arena 12 Decks

Although when we enter ‘Clash Royale’ most of the time our goal is to win as effectively and quickly as possible, from time to time I like to disconnect and just have a good time without thinking about the crowns that are lost along the way.

For this I use decks that are quite far from my style, with fast cycles based on cheap cards that allow me to keep the action going and try to make my enemy nervous. As with any other game, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but what can’t be denied to these decks is that they are tremendously fun to play.

The cheapest deck on the list costs 2.6 elixir and has the Hog Mounter as the main character. Every attack revolves around him, preferably with the Ice Golem in front, the Musketeer on his back and the Log or the Ice Spirit ready to try to stop the hordes that may pounce on him.

The important thing is to take advantage of this distraction to, as you may have guessed, attack from the other bridge with a base of Mountaineers and some troops like the Goblin Gang. Of course, do not forget that the Mortar will fall sooner or later and you will have to have a couple of resources to try to stop what is coming. Take advantage of the first few minutes to be very clear about what your opponent has in his deck and count how much elixir he has at any given moment.

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A few days ago began the Arena Challenge in Clash Royale, an event where we must start in arena 1 and go climbing up to arena 15. Every 3 victories we will move up arena and unlock the corresponding cards. From arena 4, if we lose three times we will be eliminated. But don’t worry, if you have Pass Royale you have infinite attempts. You can also get a second chance for 10 gems, with no limit of attempts.

These decks are just ideas to inspire you, you can change them as you wish and enjoy the game, which is the most important thing. Also, I will put a different deck in each arena, but an arena 4 deck can still be effective in arena 5 or 6.

On defense, the Forzudo’s Cage is very good for attracting Giants and also for finishing off Mini Pekkas. The Mini Pekka is used against Giants and Knights. The cards with air attacks are mostly support cards as they all die with arrows.

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The rest of the cards will form the defense. The Valkyrie against many units, the Strongman Cage to distract cards and finish off tanks, the Barbarian Barrel to clean up possible Skeletons and the Mega Minion will act as an aerial Strongman.

Deck for arena 12 without legendaries 2021

Overcoming the advanced Clash Royale Arenas can be a laborious and difficult challenge to achieve. In this mobile card game, we want to have the best decks and defeat other players of our level with them. For this reason, in this guide we recommend 8 different decks that suit different playing styles. At the end we list 6 decks focused on Arenas 13, 14 and 15.

This first deck is based on two principles: spam and spells. To better understand the concept, in this case spam means that you can cast certain types of cards over and over again, where bridges. These types are the battle battering ram, the bandit and the dark prince. The strategy is based on not letting the opponent breathe, but throwing the cards with a little patience.

To support these three cards, there are the spells poison, shock and arrows, and reinforcements such as infernal dragon and ice golem. If you want, you can try to change the ice golem for a dart-throwing goblin, depending on whether you want to be more defensive or offensive.

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For this, they have created an event in which players can only use the cards that were released in the respective arenas. That is, in Arena 1 you can only use the cards of that arena, and so on with the rest of the arenas that say “present” within this challenge.

In other words, we will not explain how to use each of these decks, since there is no limit to the number of games, you will be able to choose the strategy you like best to win all the Clash Royale arenas.