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In order, let’s first look at the characteristics of this card: the Goblin Giant is an Epic leveled tank, which targets structures like its high HP counterparts like Golem and Giant. So where is the difference? If the enemy deploys a tank, one of the most adopted solutions to counter it is to deploy an air unit to counter it, like the Infernal Dragon or a group of Minions or Bats will do their job very well. But this time Supercell says “No!” and prevents us from adopting this technique and not only, and here lies the exaggeration we mentioned earlier: the Goblin Giant carries on its back two Goblin Lancers, which will target the other units in range, and these will remain invulnerable until the greenish colossus makes it not be shot down!

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Supercell is immersed in the preparation of the sixth season while, Season 5 does not end up convincing, even more so without a CCC in between until December so the big changes could have already arrived.

In line with the Grand Challenges, the player Liquid also bets on reducing their price or that they can be accessed by other ways, rather than just by paying the corresponding gems. In his own experience, when you advance in them, the time it takes to find a game is too long.

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One of the strong points of the message is that of balance changes. Something that the community has asked for is that they change their philosophy in order to be more attractive. Having more changes, including professionals in the decision making process or reversing those that are wrong and not waiting for a month were some of the ideas provided.

Finally, he also mentioned the Clan Wars and the Battle Pass that have lost all their appeal and should have much more interesting elements that make players really consider playing them or paying for the pass. Supercell needs urgent changes in a Clash Royale that should not wait until 2020 to receive a major update.

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Clash Royale has closed this Sunday the first edition of the new tournament for streamers and professional players called Clash Stars. Organized by Bernard Chong and together with Clash Royale, this tournament has had the participation of some of the most prominent professional players of the moment, youtubers and amateur players who have formed the 18 teams of the event.The competition has had a total of six groups in which three teams of three players each have been put together: a professional player, a streamer and the amateur player winner of the qualifying tournaments.

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The format of the tournament was a little different from what we are used to and had a first 2 VS. 2 confrontation followed by a direct duel, a 2 VS. 2 Touchdowdn and finally two 1 VS. 1 to close each match. During the first two days of competition, the first group phase was played, in which the teams sought to score the maximum points that would allow them to access the final phase that took place on Sunday, the clashes were very evenly matched and the Touchdown mode stood out above the rest. This mode has not had a great acceptance after its arrival in Clash Royale but it has triumphed in the tournament thanks to the magnificent plays made by streamers and professional players.

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Experts and fans debate whether Frank ‘Surgical Goblin’ Oskam is the best Clash Royale player in the world, the best ever or just one of the most outstanding. What there is no doubt about is that the Dutchman is one of the great references in the world of eSports, and his transfer has become a milestone.

There are no official figures. Team Liquid does not want them to be revealed. Rumors in the sector put the transfer clause at 100,000 euros, but Team Queso neither confirms nor denies it. But this is the most expensive signing in the history of this sport and mobile eSports in general, at least in North America, Europe and Latin America (China manages its own market, with its peculiarities and figures).

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“You have to work to create a project in which the player believes and in which everyone wants to be, regardless of what they offer outside,” defends ‘Alvaro845’, although he is clear that everyone has a price: “if they multiply your salary by five, they offer you greater repercussion…” Fast negotiation “In Team Liquid they have been very professional”, assures the CEO of Team Queso. “They were fast and direct, in two meetings we reached a transfer agreement, and in another meeting they convinced Frank with a good offer,” explains Buitrago. “Surgical Goblin didn’t want to leave, he was happy at Team Queso, but Liquid is a very big team that offers him opportunities that we don’t.”