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Clash Royale Electric Mage

The Clash Royale champions update officially launched last week, and introduced the champion rarity with three new cards that players are eager to use to their best advantage.

Even if you’re nowhere near the new Champions cards, you can try them out for free in the new challenge for a limited time. However, if you have any of them, you should take a look at the decks below before jumping into your first fight with a Champion.

So far, the Clash Royale community has been leaning on Archer Queen instead of the other two Champions. As you may already know, each player is allowed to place only one champion in their deck to avoid creating overpowered decks full of Champions.

Top deck clash royale

Clash Royale is a popular real-time strategy game for mobile devices that combines elements of deck building and tower defense games. A recent Triple Elixir Challenge requires you to have a great deck, because otherwise, to quote the challenge description, “It’s 3 losses and you’re out!” Naturally, a challenge like this can usually take a lot of experimentation, not to mention frustration, until you get it right. To help you successfully complete this challenge, our Triple Elixir Challenge Deck – Clash Royale The Guide will feature several deck combinations that are sure to help you get through it.

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This second deck uses PEKKA to defend against the most dangerous attackers to your Tower. The role of the Electro Wizard is to fight against Inferno Dragon and Tower. After the enemy has wasted its resources on PEKKA, send your Bandit and Ram Rider to take care of the remaining ones. Earthquake and Fireball serve to take the unit generating buildings out of action. Here is the link to this deck.

Mega knight deck

Although the better you understand the enemy deck the better, this Mega Knight deck is quite simple. You can even call it a ‘brain dead’ type of deck. But for new Clash Royale players, we’ll give you some ‘tips’ on how to use this deck effectively. Hopefully you can win some games and climb the ladder!

Keep in mind that you don’t want to ‘waste’ your Witch Mother fighting enemy tanks. It will take you a long time to counter such a unit, and the return will be a single pig. So it’s a simple waste of resources.

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Of course, you have a very flexible card in Fireball. Not only does it have great synergy with Heal Spirit to take out enemy units like a mage or musketeer, but it can also be used offensively to help you take down enemy structures.

Goblin Hut is the kind of card that can do a lot of things for you. Of course, it is your favorite card against enemy tanks, but it can also swarm and counterattack the lane at the same time.