Clash royale skeleton king deck

The BEST DECK with SKELETON KING Clash Royale! Deck

In Clash Royale Arena 4 there is no exception: it’s simpler than the ones that come after it, yes, and you probably won’t be in it for long, too, but that doesn’t mean you can play the game in any way.

One of the features that make Clash Royale Arena 4 an ideal occasion to set up a good deck are the opponents. Some of them are very high level, and that will make you squeeze you. It is good to always have alternatives, with at least a couple of decks to vary. If you watch games on Royale TV you will also have the opportunity to refine your tactics by watching what others are doing.

We have chosen two decks as the best for the PEKKA Fort. Both have a relatively low cost in elixir, which is essential if you want to overcome your opponent’s attacks. These are the two decks.

As you can see at a glance, the second war deck includes the Witch, an epic card. Otherwise, both are similar, except that in the first option your most important troop is the Knight, which is the place occupied by the knight in the first one.

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The reboot of Clash Royale has in the Skeleton King the first litmus test for the return of the community, a first duplicate challenge to test different decks, hook the returnees and learn to walk in the arena again.

The Knight King is the one chosen for the first challenge because it is undoubtedly the most striking of the three champions to catch the staff, first because its ability is the most differential of the three, and second because visually it is much more powerful.

This IAMJP deck is one of the most consistent for those who do not want to risk, a clear victory condition with the Skeleton King, the mega knight to counterattack and slow down the opponent along with many defensive characters and a solid structure.

The second option is a bit riskier but the combination is just as functional, especially because of the offensive concept generated by the Skeleton King’s counterattack together with the barrel, the mirror and the tornado. From there everything can be changed, but Chispitas and the Skeleton are the two key elements to stop the rival champion.


If you’re having trouble advancing in Clash Royale’s Super Lava Hound challenge, these Super Lava Hound decks are sure to help you master the Hound’s transformation and claim victory.

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Below you will find the decks with the best win ratio of the challenge so you know which cards to use and what strategy to follow to win without problems in the Clash Royale Super Lava Hound challenge.

In defense, both the Skeleton Dragons and the Megaspyrean should be enough to finish off the enemy air troops. As a gift, a Tombstone to reorient the enemy Hound and some Arrows to finish off its offspring in one fell swoop.

We close with a variant of the first deck that fans of the Infernal Dragon will surely appreciate. It’s always good to have him around when there are slow tanks like the Super Lava Hound in play, so you’re sure to put him to good use if you can protect him with the Flying Machine and Skeleton Dragons.


“King of the undead himself. Sometimes he gets lonely (could be due to his unflattering features) and will summon friends to join him in battle even after death. Tough guys have feelings too! “

The Skeleton King has a special ability, accessible from the right side of the screen, just above the player’s card slots in battle. After a 1 second delay, the Skeleton King activates his “Soul Summon”, pausing in place momentarily before summoning a varying amount of Skeletons in a 4-square radius around him. Skeletons appear 1 at a time in random positions in the circle every 0.25 seconds. [confirmation needed ] The amount of Skeletons generated is based on how many troops die (either the player’s or the opponent’s) while deployed.

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When a troop is defeated while the Skeleton King is in the Arena, the Skeleton King gains a “soul”, which generates an additional Skeleton when its ability is used. Without souls, the Skeleton King will spawn 6 Skeletons, but with a maximum of 14 souls, he can summon 20 Skeletons. The amount of souls the Skeleton King has can be seen in a blue bar above his HP bar. The skill enters a reuse time of 20 seconds after the duration ends. The Soul Summon ability costs 2 Elixir to activate.