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Maximum card level clash royale 2022

Who would have thought Supercell that the Hispanic community would turn as it is doing with Clash Royale with some of the most powerful content creators both individually and in influencers tournaments, a marvel with peaks close to one million viewers.

Auronplay is placed at the top with an average of about 170,000 viewers throughout its retransmission of its games, reaching a golden minute close to 250K, ahead of Ibai, Grefg and El Mariana as part of the top 5. These are the TOP TV data:

We must also add top streamers like Cristinini, who has been playing for several days despite not being in the competition. This new life of Clash Royale started from the champions and seems to make 2022 a perfect scenario to continue growing in all directions.

Maximum level of clash royale cards 2020

In this article we will see the maximum levels of common, special, epic and legendary cards in Clash Royale. This is very important, and I’m sure that as soon as you discover it you will realize that everything follows its course, and that it is totally normal that you do not have all of them equally leveled up. In addition, further down you will get a surprise in the form of coins, so there is no waste in this article to master more of the game and know how far you can get with your cards.

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Getting common cards is the most common (noble giant, minions, mortar, goblins…), and then, the special ones are obtained in this way (e.g. fork lifter). If you take a look at your deck, you will see that it is possible that you have none or one legendary, that it is also possible that you have some epic at low level, and that you have many more commons leveled up than specials.

Read also: 10 free SEGA games for Android that you should playFor example, for about 2,500 trophies the ideal is to have the commons at level 9, the specials at level 7, the epics at level 3 and have or not legendary, as is my case. And the more the better, of course.

Level 14 clash royale

Go to the guide indexCurrently Clash Royale has 11 arenas, including the training arena which is where the tutorial of the game and the first games take place. In addition, Clash Royale has 9 leagues, once you have passed the 4,000 cups and the legendary arena, although these are focused on more professional players and will not be included in the analysis presented here.

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In the following section we will briefly summarize the different arenas, the range of cups in which each one is located, the contents of the chests and donation options and finally the cards that each one unlocks.

Table of contents1. Training Arena2. Arena 1: Goblin Stadium (0 to 400 cups)3. Arena 2: Bone Pit (400 to 800 cups)4. Arena 3: Barbarian Coliseum (800 to 1100 cups)5. Arena 4: Pekka Fort (1100 to 1400 cups)6. Arena 5: Spell Valley (1400 to 1700 cups)7. Arena 6: Builder’s workshop (1700 to 2000 cups)8. Arena 7: Royal Arena (2000 to 2300 cups)9. Arena 8: Ice Peak (2300 to 2600 cups)10. Arena 9: Jungle Sand (2600 to 3000 cups)11. Arena 10: Montepuerco Arena (3000 to 3800 cups)12. Arena 11: Legendary Arena (3800 to 4000 cups)ADVERTISING

Clash royale king level

You can search for an opponent by tapping the “Battle” button. In this mode, the level of the cards and towers is not limited, so it is in your best interest to include the highest level cards you have in your deck.

The matchmaking system will match you against opponents whose trophy level is similar to yours. Players’ card levels and deck contents are not factors in the matchup.

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In addition, you will be matched with other players who have a king level immediately above or below yours. For example, if you have a level 12 king rook, you will initially only be matched with players who have a king level of 11, 12 or 13.

Card cycle (4 cards) Once a certain card has been dealt, four more cards must be dealt in order for it to reappear in your hand. This is known as the card cycle. Try to keep an eye on both your cycle and your opponent’s cycle to make sure that, when you deploy a card, your opponent does not have the card available with which he could defend himself more effectively.