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Clash Royale Arena 13 Decks

Overcoming the advanced Clash Royale Arenas can be a laborious and difficult challenge to achieve. In this mobile card game, we want to have the best decks and defeat other players of our level with them. For this reason, in this guide we recommend 8 different decks that suit different playing styles. At the end we list 6 decks focused on Arenas 13, 14 and 15.

This first deck is based on two principles: spam and spells. To better understand the concept, in this case spam means that you can cast certain types of cards over and over again, where bridges. These types are the battle battering ram, the bandit and the dark prince. The strategy is based on not letting the opponent breathe, but throwing the cards with a little patience.

To support these three cards, there are the spells poison, shock and arrows, and reinforcements such as infernal dragon and ice golem. If you want, you can try to change the ice golem for a dart-throwing goblin, depending on whether you want to be more defensive or offensive.

Clash Royale Arena 10 Decks

Go to guide indexCurrently Clash Royale has 11 arenas, including the training arena, which is where the game tutorial and the first games take place. In addition, Clash Royale has 9 leagues, once you have passed the 4,000 cups and the legendary arena, although these are focused on more professional players and will not be included in the analysis presented here.

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In the following section we will briefly summarize the different arenas, the range of cups in which each one is located, the contents of the chests and donation options and finally the cards that each one unlocks.

Table of contents1. Training Arena2. Arena 1: Goblin Stadium (0 to 400 cups)3. Arena 2: Bone Pit (400 to 800 cups)4. Arena 3: Barbarian Coliseum (800 to 1100 cups)5. Arena 4: Pekka Fort (1100 to 1400 cups)6. Arena 5: Spell Valley (1400 to 1700 cups)7. Arena 6: Builder’s workshop (1700 to 2000 cups)8. Arena 7: Royal Arena (2000 to 2300 cups)9. Arena 8: Icy Peak (2300 to 2600 cups)10. Arena 9: Jungle Sand (2600 to 3000 cups)11. Arena 10: Montepuerco Arena (3000 to 3800 cups)12. Arena 11: Legendary Arena (3800 to 4000 cups)ADVERTISING

Sand mallet 12 2021

The success of Clash Royale recovers its original form with the recovery of one of the most mythical challenges of the game, a return to the past in the best possible way, competing after seeing how the game is popularized among great streamers. And of course, with the best possible decks and tips for each level.

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The logbait takes shape with the Princess in arena 5 and not having Trunk is excessively strong. Another option is to bet on the horseman, but this deck will give continuity to what you have been testing in previous arenas.

Hound, golem, mountaineer or elite barbarians, these are the four great options in arena 10. In the current meta, we’re sticking with the potential of the Hound with a flying mallet that is especially strong in this arena. The Lightning Bolt is explosive, but the key is the placement of the flying machine.

Electric cards come into full play in this arena with the Giant and the Electric Mage as key assets. That’s why we put in the PEKKA, because the giant is very tempting and this deck is a marvel in front of him, the nobleman’s moment.

Clash Royale Arena 6 Decks

Best Clash Royale Deck is a website where Daniel, a Clash Royale expert, shares some of the best decks and explains what works best for him. There are decks tailored to different arenas so you can find something that suits your needs.

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Decks for Arena is an article that you can read on the Clash Royalepedia website. It contains different Clash Royale arena deck strategies from Arena 2, or Bone Pitt, to Arena 12 also known as Legendary Arena.

Best Clash Royale Decks is a free article published on CR Arena. Users will find the best possible decks and detailed strategies for fighting in Clash Royale, from tutorial to Legendary Arena.

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