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Clash Royale is a card game in which you can see in real time how the characters in your deck, based on the Clash of Clans universe, face your opponent’s troops, whom you will have to defeat by knocking down their towers with your best attack and defense strategies.     Being a true master is a matter of effort, perseverance and training, but if these are your first steps in Supercell’s game, here are some keys to get started: When you open the app you will find five different sections:        Store Cards Battle (main section) Social (clans) Events.

You can check the available cards in the cards section of the game. To fight in the battles you have to combine them freely in decks of eight. You can get them in the chests that you will win when you defeat your opponents, after completing missions and challenges, or through daily gifts. You also have the possibility of acquiring cards in the store or through donations from clans, groups of players that you can also join to participate in friendly battles or in clan wars.

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Go to guide indexCards are one of the main elements of the game. These will allow us to play against our opponents, configuring our “team” of 8 cards known as deck. Among the most outstanding elements, and before going through the different cards of the game 1 by 1, it is important to know some of their basic characteristics.

Third, the cards will not always be available to all players. Except for the unlockable cards during the tutorial (the training arena) and arena 1, as we progress through the different arenas that make up Clash Royale we will unlock new cards, which then and not before, may be coming out in our chests.

As the name suggests, they are the easiest to get but not the worst cards. Almost all of them have a low cost of elixir and some of them are present in most decks due to the greater ease of quickly raising their level.

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In Clash Royale we need cards to use troops, spells and structures. You can buy them with gold or earn them by opening chests. Either way, it is important to know well all the cards, their types and functions to apply them well in the games.

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Here you can see sections that will help you better understand what function one card has or another. If this is the first time we present it in this guide, we show you the drawing of the card so that you can familiarize yourself with it.

Air troops It is obvious to understand what these troops are about, isn’t it? They are all flying, so they have an advantage over some ground troops. It’s smart to carry one of these cards as well.

Cycle cardsCalled cycle cards are those that cost very little elixir, just 1 or 2. They are good for filling the battlefield while you wait to have enough elixir for the major cards.

Ranged attackOn the other hand, these troops are capable of attacking from a distance, although the range varies quite a bit from one unit to another. They allow you to eliminate enemies from afar and help melee troops a lot.

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Getting 20 legendary cards or 200 epic cards to upgrade a card may seem like a daunting task, but with magic books, there’s no need to worry! A magic book will provide you with all the required cards you are missing to upgrade a card to the next level.

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Although all magic items are unlocked at king level 4, jokers can be found in chests earlier. In this case, they will be stored in the magic item inventory and can be used after unlocking magic items at king level 4.

From arena 4 onwards, all chests have a chance of containing jokers, except for the king’s chest and the legendary king’s chest, which always contain a guaranteed amount of jokers.