Clash royale card levels

Clash Royale cards in real life

Read also: The best decks to win the Clash Royale Fury TournamentIf you have been earning thousands of coins thanks to the Slash Royale event, we recommend you save them, as you will need them to increase the level of your cards.

Not only Clash Royale cards will be upgraded to level 14, the King’s Tower will also receive a new level to be able to “balance” the attack and defense within the games (it will also increase the health and attack power of the towers where the archers are).

On the other hand, the video published by Clash Royale on YouTube, could also indicate that “the new card” would be a kind of joker, what does this mean? It could be used to draw a card from the opponent’s deck, something that would undoubtedly impact fully on the different strategies that players usually use.

Clash Royale 2020 Card Levels

The new Clash Royale update will bring with it something that the community has been demanding for a long time. Supercell has announced that on December 5 it will release one of the big patches of the game that will include, among other things, skins for cards.

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These new skins will not affect the abilities or stats of the cards. On the other hand, some cards will only be able to reach the first or second star level in the December update. However, it is expected that in future patches all cards will be able to aspire to the maximum level.

How many cards there are in clash royale 2021

You can search for an opponent by tapping the “Battle” button. In this mode, the level of cards and towers is not limited, so you should include the highest level cards you have in your deck.

The matchmaking system will match you against opponents whose trophy level is similar to yours. Player card levels and deck contents are not factors in the matchup.

In addition, you will be matched with other players who have a king level immediately above or below yours. For example, if you have a level 12 king rook, you will initially only be matched with players who have a king level of 11, 12 or 13.

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Card Cycle (4 cards) Once you spread a certain card, you have to spread four more cards for it to reappear in your hand. This is known as the card cycle. Try to keep an eye on both your cycle and your opponent’s cycle to make sure that, when you deploy a card, your opponent does not have the card available with which he could defend himself more effectively.

Clash Royale legendary cards

One of the main reasons why ‘Clash Royale’ has been branded as pay-to-win since the game started to take off, is the relationship between the need to get gold and upgrade cards to be able to maintain the desired level in higher arenas. While it is true that there are many options to continuously get gold by playing, the inclusion of more and more cards has created a certain gap between the flow of coins and the amount needed to have the cards constantly upgraded.

It is clear that part of Supercell’s business is there, but some players believe that what was once a good rewards policy has now become a rather derisory amount compared to all the cards that have ended up coming to the game. But how much gold do you need to improve all the cards in ‘Clash Royale’ to the maximum?

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A Reddit user has done the math and has come up with a rather disheartening figure for anyone who intends to get to upgrade their entire collection. In total, it would be almost 15 million coins, a figure that could well be exceeded with the arrival of the next card in the game after the release of the Royal Ghost. Below is a breakdown of the data.