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Chispitas deck clash royale

I never tire of saying it: Clash Royale is a drug! It’s hard to find games as addictive as Supercell’s gem. Aside from elevating the real-time strategy genre, new releases arrive with a frequency that almost puts social life in jeopardy.

It was not long ago that the biggest update in the history of Clash Royale arrived, with major changes and noticeable improvements for an even more satisfying experience. And now we are about to receive again the King’s Cup Challenge. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting events and that stimulates more our competitive side.

Like any self-respecting eSports competition, there are rewards, and in this case they are very attractive. The first prize is no less than $60,000 (51,000 euros approximately). So the thing is serious, in fact, the best players in the world are going to leave their skin in the sand. The rest of us will have to try to do our best.

To do so, we will have 8 pre-selected decks. They are not random or chosen without criteria. Because Supercell has entrusted the task to professional players, who are also very popular youtubers. In each battle will play one at random, since it is a Blind Deck challenge. So you will have to play with one of the following decks.

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Deck with sparkles 2021

We return to our ‘Clash Royale’ card guide to find the best current options to each of the main troops of Supercell’s game, and we do it with one of the favorite cards of the players, the Graveyard and its horde of Skeletons.

Versatile in defense but especially focused on attack, the Graveyard card can become a very weak card for 5 elixir because of all the troops and spells capable of countering it, but it offers very good synergies with very cheap cards that can help us to knock down the enemy tower without problems. Here are some of the decks that can lead you to victory.

Perfect distraction and a more than solid defense. Giant and Sparks on his back is always a reason to rejoice, but if we also combine it with the Graveyard, the opponent will have very little to do. In the absence of Sparks, good are the mages, which do not have the same punch but will help our tank to reach a good port.

In defense, Giant as a distraction, mages as executors and the Infernal Tower in case they put us in trouble. If we save an attack with several troops and when we reach the bridge we release Sparky, victory is assured. Unloading and Trunk should be enough to finish with annoying troops that can put our units in trouble.

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Sparky deck 2021

Clash Royale is a popular card game developed by Supercell, known for other games such as Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars and Boom Beach. In this action card game, you will create a deck and place cards on the battlefield to defend and attack your opponent’s towers. There is quite a bit of strategy involved, and being able to play a deck correctly is important. However, knowing which cards to play is also an important aspect of winning. That’s where this post will help, because not everyone knows how to build a deck, and we’ll eliminate that aspect of the game for you by presenting the best decks for Clash Royale in this guide.

Best clash royale decks 2021

In this guide we tell you the Best legendary cards Clash Royale. The following list ranks all Legendary cards in Clash Royale, from the worst to the best in terms of buy and variable.

Before we start, I must say that ranking Legendary cards is harder than it used to be.  Supercell has increased the standard of card balance changes in a big way.  Right now, every Legendary card can fit perfectly into a role, a deck and be really powerful in it.

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With the rise of Ice Wizard Nado, Rocket punishes and, frankly, a lot of heavy land decks, Lavahound is too risky a card to play.  Golem, on the other hand, is different from Lavaloon.

Lavaloon works worse in 2x elixir because the opponent can also cycle defense faster!  Tornado is too frequent in the meta as well.  Poison usually shreds all your defensive cards unless they run Inferno Dragon.

Lumber Balloon or Lumber Hog don’t work very well right now due to lack of versatility and there are better options as a tank to say a pig or a balloon, etc. with more usage, Ie-Miner, Ice Golem, Knight, etc.