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Are you tired of spending weeks and weeks playing and trying to move up arena only to get frustrated and want to throw your device against the wall, well this time I bring you the best solution for players who are in Arena 7 can move up to Arena 8 and for them we have prepared the Best Decks Without Legendary Arena 7 that will help you out of that frustration.

The elixir cost of this deck is 4.0, and the cards that ensure you destroy a tower are the Noble Giant, Elite Barbarians and Mini P.E.K.K.A as these are the strongest cards of this first deck I present to you. Let’s analyze it:

The cost of this deck is 4.5 and it is the most expensive of the four decks I have presented to you, but it possesses the highest amount of attack. Its forte is to combine the Golem with the Baby Dragon and destroy everything in its path.

These have been the best decks without legendary cards that will ensure you to go up to Arena 8 and thus get out of the frustration of being stuck in Arena 7. You can leave your opinion in the comment box to know which of these decks have been of great help and I also invite you to go through our other Clash Royale Guides, with them I assure you that you can improve your gameplay.

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Arena 1 clash royale 2021 mallet arena 1

The success of Clash Royale recovers its original form with the recovery of one of the most mythical challenges of the game, a return to the past in the best possible way, competing after seeing how the game is popularized among great streamers. And of course, with the best possible decks and tips for each level.

The logbait takes shape with the Princess in arena 5 and not having Trunk is excessively strong. Another option is to bet on the horseman, but this deck will give continuity to what you have been testing in previous arenas.

Hound, golem, mountaineer or elite barbarians, these are the four great options in arena 10. In the current meta, we’re sticking with the potential of the Hound with a flying mallet that is especially strong in this arena. The Lightning Bolt is explosive, but the key is the placement of the flying machine.

Electric cards come into full play in this arena with the Giant and the Electric Mage as key assets. That’s why we put in the PEKKA, because the giant is very tempting and this deck is a marvel in front of him, the nobleman’s moment.

Clash Royale Arena 11 Decks

Some time ago we told you about the 5 best Clash Royale arena 7 decks. But now we bring you a 2017 edition, with new decks that have the new cards that we have to date (and that are available until that arena).

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So if you see that you are playing Clash Royale and you do not give you overcome in cups, with this that we show you for sure you are going to get it, because we bring you the 5 best decks Clash Royale arena 7 2017. Before telling you our selection of decks, we recommend that you take a look at the following video because maybe you like some of the decks that the youtuber Xheo comments:

We start with the compilation of best Clash Royale decks for arena 7 (2017 edition): right now arena 7 is the real arena, this is what you need to win and climb to 8, 9 … and not stop climbing:

Read also: Referee Simulator for Android: download here the best alternative!This deck is ideal in attack and defense, because it is very complete, and it is certainly a great candidate to play and win in arena 7.

Clash Royale Arena 5 Decks

Raising the cost a little more we have the elite Barbarians and the noble Giant, perfect for attacking. The Trio of Musketeers tops off the list of rewards of this Arena, although its high cost of 9 elixir makes it somewhat difficult to adjust a good deck with them at such low levels.

A very varied deck that should mark the Giant as the main win condition. We must take it to the tower and rely on the Minions, the Musketeer and the Discharge for any type of defense we need. What the opponent takes out skeletons? Well, here goes.

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The Miner, the most popular legendary card at the moment, will come in handy in this deck, although here it is much more oriented to defense. The ease with which we can place it anywhere in the arena will help a lot to choose the right strategy depending on how the game goes.

A somewhat more complicated deck to carry without a clear win condition, although we should focus on giving more prominence to the Miner. Remember, on the other hand, that from now on both this unit and the Electric Mage will become indispensable in our decks. We can replace the Log with a Poison, which despite having a higher cost will also allow us to clean up the numerous troops and combined with the Miner is devastating.