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Clash Royale is right now one of the most played PvP online video games on mobile devices. Those quick three-minute games are leading to great moments of leisure and what is getting ready before the global rollout of this video game for next March.

The other new features include several new cards with different types of battalions and a new type of card, the legendary card. Two legendary cards that have remained a mystery are the Princess and the Ice Wizard. Two new additions that will be desired by many players.

The other major new feature is the possibility of having three decks ready to use whenever we want. In this way we will be able to experiment with various combinations with the ease of changing from one to another with a simple click.

Regarding the modifications to the existing cards for a more balanced game, we can highlight the increase of life points of the Giant Skeleton and the increase of the bomb to three seconds from the previous second. By increasing the delay time of the bomb, it is achieved that the troops that have gone out to eliminate him, have time to get out of the blast radius, since now it was suicide.

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Clash Royale is a strategy game in real time, in which we will be able to face other players through the Internet, in frenetic duels starring the mythical characters of Clash of Clans. We will find the giants, the knights, the skeletons with bombs, the archers, and all the others.

In Clash Royale we will be able to use many different troops, but first we will have to unlock them. To unlock troops and level them up, we will need to collect their cards. And we will find the cards inside the chests, which we will be able to win as we get victories.

Each Clash Royale unit has very specific attributes: health points, attack distance, deployment time, speed, and so on. These attributes can be improved as we level them up, so we can customize our deck of troops as we wish.

Clash Royale is a frantic and fun multiplayer strategy game. Thanks to the duration of their duels (between one and four minutes), we can play a game at almost any time. And its visuals, as with the original Clash of Clans, are exquisite.

Clash Royale download

Clash Royale APK will surprise you.  Different players in the game are ranked based on their amount of trophies that you earn by winning battles.  There are a total of 12 battle arenas in the game.  Just like the game Clash of Clans (which was also developed by Supercell), players can form their own clans or join other clans.

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Clash Royale is a game that was released by Supercell worldwide on March 2, 2016, for all Android and iOS platforms. The name and gameplay in this Clash Royale APK resemble the famous Clash of clans game. Clash Royale is similar to Clash of clans, but it has some more features and these are totally different from COC. This is a multiplayer mobile strategy game in which the ranking of players is decided by their current level, trophies and arena.

This server was awaited by many users and for sure it is one of the favorite private clash royale servers for many players and especially because it is also available Clash Royale ios APK.

Clash royale free

Once you download its APK to your mobile device, you will face a battle against another opponent with a clear objective: to destroy his three rival towers before he does the same with yours. To do this, you’ll have to deploy your troops on the screen (archers, giants, bombers, etc.) to directly attack the rival facilities and fight against the enemy’s soldiers. In the same way, you’ll be able to destroy or deplete their towers without having to enter enemy territory by launching waves of arrows or fireballs directly from your bases.

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To get these troops you will first need to collect their cards to get a deck of soldiers as wide and complete as possible, and then during the battle to be able to deploy them you will need to have elixir. The more you have, the faster you will be able to send your soldiers into battle, either to certain death or to an epic victory.