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Cheap decks clash royale 2022

Discover here the decks that we consider the best to succeed in Clash Royale games. As you advance in the Arenas and participate in leagues or tournaments, you will want to have the best cards in the game to succeed. In this article we show you 10 different options. With some of them you will have to invest a lot of resources and even money, but there are also some that are ideal for the free to play player!

As for the other units, it’s a matter of adapting to the situation. To get rid of groups, nothing better than Discharge and Poison. You should save the Electric Mage and Magic Archer for the air enemy units (unless the opponent doesn’t have these cards), or you will find yourself in a tight spot.

One of the tactics you can follow is to keep the opponent busy with the three goblin cards. Gradually, you set the stage to send the Prince or the Rogues along with the Princess, thus launching a lethal attack. In the double elixir phase, the Rocket will be your best friend to put the icing on the cake in a devastating attack.

Cheap clash royale 2020 decks

Many Clash Royale players ask themselves the same questions: what are the best cards, what is the best deck to advance in Arenas 1 to 8? We answer these questions and, moreover, we provide you with two proposals of decks for each arena.

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As long as you include the cards valkyrie, bomber and baby dragon, you will be fine in Arena 2. You can actually use many variations of this deck and advance without any problems. However, of the cards available in Arena 1, we recommend focusing on upgrading the giant, mini PEKKA and fireball. You’ll thank yourself later!

For Deck 1 and 2, you want to upgrade the valkyrie, baby dragon and mini PEKKA a lot. Depending on what other cards you have upgraded, you will have to choose one deck or the other. The same thing happens with deck 3, but putting the giant in place of the baby dragon. In other words, the best thing you can do in Arena 3 is to use cards that have a high level, especially if they are the ones we have mentioned.

Clash Royale Arena 12 Decks

Although when we enter ‘Clash Royale’ most of the time our goal is to win as effectively and quickly as possible, from time to time I like to disconnect and just have a good time without thinking about the crowns that are lost along the way.

For this I use decks that are quite far from my style, with fast cycles based on cheap cards that allow me to keep the action going and try to make my enemy nervous. As with any other game, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but what can’t be denied to these decks is that they are tremendously fun to play.

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The cheapest deck on the list costs 2.6 elixir and has the Hog Mounter as the main character. Every attack revolves around him, preferably with the Ice Golem in front, the Musketeer on his back and the Log or the Ice Spirit ready to try to stop the hordes that may pounce on him.

The important thing is to take advantage of this distraction to, as you may have guessed, attack from the other bridge with a base of Mountaineers and some troops like the Goblin Gang. Of course, do not forget that the Mortar will fall sooner or later and you will have to have a couple of resources to try to stop what is coming. Take advantage of the first few minutes to be very clear about what your opponent has in his deck and count how much elixir he has at any given moment.

Clash Royale Arena 10 Decks

While bandit and royal ghost are great cards to support PEKKA, pay attention. If the enemy sends several strong units, you’ll want to use the electric mage or magic archer to cover PEKKA. In turn, poison and shock are two ideal spells to clear the way and counter units in group.

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As for defense, the infernal tower and the trunk fulfill this role very well. If the enemy sends air units, you’ll want to take out the goblin darthrower, and if necessary, the princess as well. The knight, due to his endurance, can slow down the enemy advance, but it is better to use him to attack.

Always keep in cycle the fireball or shock to counter the enemy’s actions. Don’t waste all your units trying to defend; spells already do that job well! However, if you find yourself in a bind, don’t hesitate to cast ice golems and skeleton dragons.

If the opponent responds to your moves by launching aerial or group units, it’s time to counterattack. The fire lance, bats, ice spirit and rocket are ideal for this task. If ground enemies are massing on one of the bridges, throw the log at them!