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Giant double prince deck

Although when we enter ‘Clash Royale’ most of the time our goal is to win as effectively and quickly as possible, from time to time I like to disconnect and just have a good time without thinking about the crowns that are lost along the way.

For this I use decks that are quite far from my style, with fast cycles based on cheap cards that allow me to keep the action going and try to make my enemy nervous. As with any other game, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but what can’t be denied to these decks is that they are tremendously fun to play.

The cheapest deck on the list costs 2.6 elixir and has the Hog Mounter as the main character. Every attack revolves around him, preferably with the Ice Golem in front, the Musketeer on his back and the Log or the Ice Spirit ready to try to stop the hordes that may pounce on him.

The important thing is to take advantage of this distraction to, as you may have guessed, attack from the other bridge with the Stag Mounts and some troops like the Goblin Gang. Of course, do not forget that the Mortar will fall sooner or later and you will have to have a couple of resources to try to stop what is coming. Take advantage of the first few minutes to be very clear about what your opponent has in his deck and count how much elixir he has at any given moment.

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Clash Royale Decks

The noble giant has the same attack distance as an electric mage and only targets opposing buildings and towers like the golem. The noble giant deck is historically very popular in clash royale. The September 2018 update contributed to its strong return in the meta with an attack buff and a reduction of its range.

There are two ways to play the noble giant depending on its deployment area: on the bridge or behind the king’s tower. If your opponent is behind in elixir or if he does not have his counters in hand, then it is a good idea to deploy your noble giant directly to the bridge. If, on the other hand, you have 10 elixir and your opponent is not playing, place your noble giant behind the king’s rook and see what your opponent is playing.

A defensive building does not completely stop the noble giant except for the infernal tower. Be careful to place the infernal tower in an anti-lightning position if your opponent has this spell. The lightning and its reset mechanism is very effective against the dragon and the infernal tower, so be careful throughout the game not to place your defending troops too close to each other.

Noble Giant Mallet

Go to the guide indexOnce the global strategies have been analyzed, let’s see how they are translated into specific decks. While each player can and should adapt their strategies to the decks and cards they are most comfortable with, here are some of the combinations that professional players prefer to bring to the game. From the fast cycling of the ice spirit and predict, to the beatdown of golem and night witch, passing through the already abandoned bride spam of battering ram and bandit or the always current log-bait of princess, infernal tower, barrel of goblins and goblin gang. We hope you try them and find them useful and, why not, send us your adaptations.

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A variant of the fast cycling of the hoist that incorporates the lightning bolt, a card that will help you to finish in your direct attacks with any structure, witch or wizard that gets in your way. The mini Pekka will be your defensive card to finish off any troop along with the musketeer. The role of the princess is very important because if you get her to survive, she can help you both to defend yourself from hordes and to finish off many annoying troops in the attacks of your forklift. Otherwise, the fire spirits will complement your attack.

Giant deck and graveyard

Many Clash Royale players ask themselves the same questions: what are the best cards, what is the best deck to advance in Arenas 1 to 8? We answer these questions and, moreover, we provide you with two proposals of decks for each arena.

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As long as you include the cards valkyrie, bomber and baby dragon, you will be fine in Arena 2. In fact, you can use many variations of this deck and advance without any problems. However, of the cards available in Arena 1, we recommend focusing on upgrading the giant, mini PEKKA and fireball. You’ll thank yourself later!

For Deck 1 and 2, you want to upgrade the valkyrie, baby dragon and mini PEKKA a lot. Depending on what other cards you have upgraded, you will have to choose one deck or the other. The same thing happens with deck 3, but putting the giant in place of the baby dragon. In other words, the best thing you can do in Arena 3 is to use cards that have a high level, especially if they are the ones we have mentioned.