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Go to the guide indexOnce we have entered headfirst into the Clash Royale universe, in the following sections we will try to put on the table the keys to become the best players possible. To do this, we will define the main strategies and styles of the game and then we will translate them into some of the most powerful decks of the current meta.

Although the strategies presented here can be adapted to any level or arena or to any deck, regardless of the player’s level, there are some specific strategies that will benefit or will require the obtaining of some specific cards, some of them being legendary and where the case of the Miner control (miner) or the lavaloon (lava hound) stand out.

The peculiarity of this game strategy is based on obtaining decks with a high ease of cycling of the “win-condition”, in this specific example, the dumbbell, long before the opponent’s defenses or “counters”. This is achieved by throwing low cost cards (1, 2 or 3) of elixir for the defense, getting back to have that winning card in hand very quickly. The definition of cycling a card is the process from the moment you discard it until you get it back in your hand by discarding other cards. So if you throw away low cost cards like goblins, zap, trunk, ice spirit… you can get that card back for a global cycling cost of 5 elixir, for example. The best cards for cycling in this type of decks are the forklift and the balloon. In the deck section we will see some of them. ADVERTISING

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When you know all the variants that you can have with your deck, go to the next level, it will be time to have another deck, for example, that can be useful if in a competition you get banned an important card from one of your decks.

Knowing most or all of the cards in Clash Royale, their strengths and weaknesses, will give you a strategic advantage over your opponents, for example, so you will understand how to nullify that card of your opponent that bothers you so much.

Structures – they can be defensive or offensive, like the crossbow to attack or defend as an inferno tower, you can only install them on your side of the arena, but they have the range to reach your opponent’s towers.

Every month, Supercell, the company that created the game, makes changes in the statistics of the cards, raising and lowering their level so that the game is more balanced and that the players do not take more advantage just for having a certain card.

Practice the interactions with the cards you use the most and make the 10 units of your elixir bar yield, the point is that you learn to count how much you consume to know how to manage it to defend or attack with more strength.

Clash Royale strategies 2021

If you have been playing Clash Royale for a short time or maybe not long enough, it is important that you discover these 10 good Clash Royale strategies that we are going to show you. We have been playing since its launch, and one of our characters already exceeds 2,350 cups. So we will show you 10 good strategies that we know and that we have seen that work well and that have also worked for us, do not miss them, because maybe some of them will help you to improve.

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Finding the best strategy to win is always impossible, because it is like the game of rock, paper or scissors, some opponents will be unbeatable but others could give us a real beating. If you never want to lose, you have to follow a defense strategy, but do not forget to attack or you will not get past the draw. These are 10 good strategies for Clash Royale that we know, soon we will see more:

This strategy is one of the most “hated”, but it works. It consists of putting houses and goblins and skeletons everywhere. You can try putting houses of goblins of the spear from behind, it seems that no, but it works, because they stop attacks and also little by little they are eating the tower. And if you like barbarians, you can also try with barbarian houses. This strategy is attack + defense. At high levels, it does not work so well. From 2,000 cups on, you start to see little.

How to cheat in clash royale 2020

Now that Clash Royale is back in our lives after an explosion of players caused by Ibai, I’m sure many of you are eager to start playing but need a helping hand. Well, here’s a ration of Clash Royale tricks, secrets and tips to create the perfect deck.

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Ever since I discovered it, whenever I’ve wanted to put together a new deck or use a new card I’ve turned to it. So if you’re looking for a way to integrate a card like the Montacarneros or the Pekka into your deck but don’t know where to pull, this Clash Royale deck guide will be of great help.

First of all you should be aware of what cards you have and what kind of deck you want to play. If you are looking for a very fast deck with many bugs, you will need to have powerful cards of reduced cost. If, on the other hand, you want to maintain control at all times, then you should go for more defensive cards or magics.

With which card do you want to give the coup de grace to the enemy tower? Do you want the balloon to sneak into the kitchen to bombard the opponent? Do you want to see how the Pekka advances without pause until it destroys the tower with three swords? Choose your favorite card and build your deck around it.