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Clash Royale is a game for Android and iOS created by Supercell in 2016. It is a game based on the lore of Clash of Clans, with its universe, characters, etc. However, this is a card game but combined with the tower defense type of gameplay (like Plants vs Zombies).

Clash Royale combines several classic game modes. Its basis lies in the collection of cards, each representing a character with its own characteristics. These cards are of different categories, which scale in rarity and strength.

Each player has three towers in his zone of the map; on one side the King’s tower (the most important) and on the other the crown towers, located on the flanks of the King’s tower. Each time the enemy destroys one of these towers, he gains one point (crown). If the King’s tower collapses, the player loses.

By spring 2017, the Crown Championship (international Clash Royale tournament) already had a foothold in much of the world. This tournament was widely followed by players, as everyone could participate in the Open Game.

Clash royale arenas

Christmas is just around the corner, and to celebrate, Clash Royale has launched season 30 worldwide. Under the name of Clashmas, this season comes with many new features and balance adjustments, information that we will analyze in detail here and that you certainly can’t miss.

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Players had asked for it, and everything indicates that Supercell listened to its community. Luckily, and practically for the first time in its history, Clash Royale will boost different cards for four weeks. The cards that will be boosted during Season 30 are these:

Bad news for the “Chozeros”, as Supercell have decided to nerf almost all structures that deploy troops. Similarly, there are some cards that received significant improvements.

For the moment, Heroes have not been nerfed or buffed. If any of the cards you use have been balanced, we recommend that you take a look at the decks you can use with the Archer Queen, the Golden Knight and the Skeleton King.

Clash Royale Cards

This has been announced by Supercell with one of its usual videos. In it they have presented a new card of the game, the arrival of skins for towers, a new arena and, what will undoubtedly bring more tail, a warm embrace to the fashion of season passes.

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The idea is that from now on we will be receiving monthly updates that will be focused on different themes. July’s update, called The Flood, will feature a new legendary card called The Fisherman.

Wearing a hook in one hand and a fish in the other, The Fisherman will be able to drag enemy units to his position using the former and stun the opponent with the latter. A good combination that, as we have already seen in some videos, can keep tanks under control while towers or other allies do the dirty work.

Along with it comes a new arena based on a ship and, following the maritime tone as if it were a grandmother’s toilet, also a skin for the towers that simulates a fish tank with a shark inside.

Free clash royale tower skin

Clash Royale Season 6 is imminent. A Clashvidad that comes with numerous new features presented as always by the hand of Seth and Drew in an extensive TV Royale, updating us on the news in the title of Supercell.

And we must start with one of the surprises, because it is not conceived a Christmas without gifts, and in this Clashvidad we will have our own, being able to get a new free look for the towers, being able to give them a snowy touch. Being one of the three that we can get in total throughout this Season 6.

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Of course the start of a new season also means a new map, the Clash of Clashvity Arena, based on the aspects of Pico Helado but with a touch according to the festivity that is already upon us.

The arrival of Season 6 will also mean the appearance of the Warrior Healer, for which we will have a double chance in different challenges, before she makes her appearance in your Arena and can be obtained through chests.